Sanctuary of The Grail is recruiting!

Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, MMORPG guilds used to be groups of good friends who genuinely enjoyed each others company and played their chosen MMORPG as a regular social activity similar to the pen and paper RPGs that preceded them. Maybe you even remember those times?

Somewhere along the line, however, the guild concept became corrupted. Less emphasis was placed on real friendships being developed between members and, sadly, people began to be known more by what level their characters were, and what they could do in the short term for other members of the guild, rather than by who the real people behind the characters were.

About us

This guild is a concerted effort to return the emphasis in developing friendships back to gaming. We are a friendly, ecclectic mix of people who span all walks of life, all united by friendship and love of the game that we play. We are also a diverse group, with some racing through levels to beat down end-game bosses, and just as many who would rather take their time & enjoy the journey. There is no pressure for our members to reach certain levels in a specific amount of time. All SotGers are people with lives, families and jobs outside of WoW and realize that MMOs are just a part of this, not the other way around.

Who we are:

We're all adults, most with families, and realize that real life comes first.
We're stay at home moms, active musicians, poets, physicians and a little of everything in between.
We're cupcake, gnome and bacon afficionados... or even better... gnome flavored bacon cupcakes! mmmmmm
Alt friendly: Many of us have multiple max level toons, and many also play on other servers.
Active! We've had many former guild mates return recently. Our guild is most active from 5 to 11pm server time.
Casual raiders/pvpers: We recruit for group dynamic and friendliness, not hardcore progression. However if you're looking to learn more about raiding we're patient and willing to teach.
Mature: We value maturity and honesty with a sprinkle of humor and social acceptance. We DO NOT want trash talking L33tD00dz!!

If you're interested, please visit to apply!
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90 Human Death Knight
I love this guild! It's like a family.. a funny, quirky, loveable family. Between goofing off and guild parties, we've managed to hit guild level 25 in no time.. and it just keeps getting better. I can't wait to join in for the next raid! :-D
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100 Draenei Shaman
Howdy folks! Just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth....we are a "mature" group of individuals and by mature, I do not mean a bunch of tea toddaling hippies that go around hugging druids...okay....we do have a few in the guild, but nevertheless, we show respect to ALL our members and each other. This is NOT an exception but the rule! We have members from many different walks of life so I can assure you that anyone who applies and makes it past our rigorous polygraph and bacon test, will find someone to adventure with. SoTG members all share one main passion/addiction/hobbie/pastime and that is WoW. We enjoy playing the game for many different reasons but doing it with guildmates that can relate to a rough day at work, or free time after the kids go to bed, or whenever you can find time to play makes it a hella lot more fun. Also, I would encourage newbies to the game to put in an app as well if our guild interest you, level of your toon is NOT important but your maturity level IS! Many of us have multiple alts, and love running old content to refresh our feeble old minds about the good ole days, heeheh. Please look us up at:
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80 Blood Elf Rogue
Hai there!

I'm wondering how lenient you guys are about language, though I'm usually quite tame.

I'm usually super silly and try to enjoy the game, however I'm a little worried.

I've been back in the game since the launch of MoP. I've played various alts and I just can't seem to stick to any of them. I think it could be the possible lack of a socialable guild that could be putting the damper on my enthusiasm to play the game. I've got a level 90 troll shaman on one realm, various level 70+ alts of most classes scattered around on other realms. I'm kinda sick of playing Horde since I've played Horde nearly nonstop while playing WoW. I leveled my shaman to 90 in about 10 days, give or take, and a druid (about a week or so ago) from 1 - 70 in about 4 days, if that, so I'm a pretty quick leveler with or without heirlooms.

I'm pretty much looking for a laid back guild that I can talk to, to keep me interested in the game while leveling. This will be the 3rd time I'm starting a new character from scratch. I really enjoy the shaman class so I'm doing it again with another shaman. If you wish, I'm starting that shaman shortly and will have the same name of this character to contact me in game.

Depending on the response I get, I may head over and fill out an application.
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We're pretty lenient when it comes to language. In a perfect world, guild chat stays pretty PG-13, but we don't gkick if it goes beyond.

"Super silly" is a perfect way to describe a lot of us in SotG. We're usually trying nightly to out-do each other in terms of getting laughs.

Come check us out! Our doors are always open!
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Every time I try to add a character to the Wowstead character list, I get an error. I've tried 5 or 6 times with no luck. Bleh.

EDIT: Just tried again, "Request timed out" error.

Same person, by the way.
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90 Human Death Knight
Have to add: Most fun raid group ever! :-D
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100 Night Elf Druid
I'm GM but I still can't say enough good things about the people here. Its great knowing that we have a crew of people that are levelheaded, down to earth folks that play because they need an escape from the doldrums of RL. I think my favorite event this year has been our fantasy football league (well moreso because I was actually competitive this year, even if I had no idea what I was doing --Damn you Xen!).

We're not super competitive into raiding, hell actually we're horrible at it, but I've probably had more fun raiding than I had back when we were wiping zillions of times against Prince. And the banter on guild chat makes logging on after a bad day worthwhile.
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90 Human Warlock
This is a great group of people. We're laid back, fun, and helpful. Many of the level 90's have no problem running lowbies through dungeons. Each guildie helps the other whether it comes down to quests, ports, mats for profs, etc.

Don't be afraid to mess up during a raid, we only yell at Xen. Why? We just like to. This group is definitely worth a try. You could always leave if it doesn't fit your needs right?? Join today!
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90 Human Paladin
All members are singing the praises of SotG!! Why not join today?!

Check our website and see if we're right for you!!
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90 Human Warlock
We have toons that range from knowing new content to those just starting out. Join us in the fun!
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/Poke Kerel & the Gang.

Just found out you guys moved to WW. shows how much I've been playing last couple months :D

Guild info doesn't seem to be very active, how / when are you guys raiding. also I couldn't seem to find the website with google >.<

was talking with Bel last night and I'm vaguely considering packing up and moving to a more active server. the one I'm on is kinda dead.

Dunno how many toons I could afford to move / how fast. but am considering it anyway. (God I wish Blizz would lower the prices on xfers, or at least offer a package deal.)
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