Who We Are

We are Shooting the Breeze, long time doomhammer guild cleared HM DS. We are only serious about clearing content. Most of us only log on during raid times/dailies.

We have two ten man groups.

We are recruiting for Team 1 only, we are

1/6 HM msv, 5/6 normal HOF, 0/4 terrace

When we Raid

We raid Sunday/Tuesday from 6:30 Server - varies (10, sometimes later or less)

We are looking for

We are looking for reliable players that have HM cata raiding experience, or MSV/HOF/ToES experience, once we have reliable core raiders, we will be doing hard mode MSV on Tuesdays, and normal HOF/Terrace on Sundays until they are cleared, then HM each raid day. We have been on empress for two weeks, but we have not been able to raid due to no shows and server transfers. We are hoping to start HM MSV next week once we find replacements.

We need at least 3 of the following, understand that some nights we may sit you to try someone else out. But most likely you'll be in every night, until you pass or fail your trial (As long as you are on at time and ready to raid this should not be a problem)

We are only seeking DPS. We will take any of these classes, offspecs are preferred but optional.

Ret Paladin with tank offspec
Boomkin with healing offspec

What we require

- 480 ilvl is ideal minimum, but we are willing to work with experienced players.
- Showing up on time (6:30 Server time). We require you to attend UNLESS YOU NOTIFY US at least 2 days in advance of the raid you'll be missing.
- Ventrilo and microphone
- Gems/enchants/reforges/flasks/dps pots/mana pots, etc. (everything but golden lotus will be provided for flasks)

We do not have an application form or website. I will be going over armory/achievements/raids before inviting anyone.
Anyways this is it, hoping to hear from some people soon. You can post here or contact me in game @ Cenanin#1501 (Put in note, seeking trial)