WTS Level 25 Guild, Enduring Wisdom

100 Human Paladin

The guild <Enduring Wisdom> is for sale.

  • Guild level: 25
  • Bank tabs: 5
  • Guild Members: 184
  • Guild Achievements: 230 (low)

This is a guild in good standing on the Vek server, but current membership seems to be mostly leveling alts, with no organized raiding or BG. In other words, a "friendly guild" but not a very active one. For the purposes of the sale, the membership is expendible -- having bought this guild from the original GM for the purpose of re-sale, I have no scruples about booting everyone out of the guild if you wish to start with a clean roster. Items or gold still in the guild bank will be left as-is.

My initial asking price is 125k. Now as any good goblin will tell you, anything can be negotiated. However, for those who post ridiculous offers I reserve the right to respond by whatever methods Blizz will allow, including but not limited to hearty-laughing, scoffing, berating, ridiculing, or radical humiliation.

Please post here if interested, or contact me on my battletag, Thenamir#1718.
Edited by Thenamir on 12/7/2012 3:08 PM PST
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90 Human Priest
What kind of offer would get me a scoffing? i could use one of those.
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90 Human Monk
1k pl0x
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90 Human Mage
i got five on it
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What can I say? I'm a money-grubbing, bottom-feeding, dyed-in-the-wool auction house pirate, a ferengi who would skin a flea for its hide, and those are my GOOD points.

But...I never blink if I have to pay 20k for a good piece of gear (but only if its worth 40k), I'm never short of flasks, food, and entertaining gadgets (Orb of Deception, anyone?), and when I play outside the Auction House (mostly heals) I mean business just as much in the instances and raids as I do when negotiating deals.

I may be a dork, but I'm a RICH dork, and I'll take that over being normal and broke any day.

Luck to you, and death to your enemies! FOR THE ALLIANCE!

And if you ask nicely I might go as low as 110k for the guild. Maybe. :)
Edited by Spitzenspark on 12/19/2012 8:31 AM PST
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Guild is still for sale, still asking 110k for it. In other words, "BUMP".
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Asking price for [Enduring Wisdom] is down to 40k. taking a loss, but still trying to get some value out of it.
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