ATTN: We need casual raiders!

90 Pandaren Shaman
You may or may not know me yet, but my name is Gummy. You have probably seen me around from time to time.. stealing your rare spawns, spamming trade chat for raids, or just sitting idly next to the BMAH for the next sparkly to buy. I'm the GM of what is now known as <Stranded> on our lonely server.

We have endured many of the same hardships that the other 4 guilds have I'm sure. Random transfers, poor performance, a raid roster so tiny that if 1 person misses it almost always ends up in a long miserable night.

Which brings me to my point: We need casual raiders. We need those people that only want to log in on a couple nights of the week, have too busy of schedules to commit to a raid schedule, do 'good enough' to down the content, and want to gobble up the purples that are frequently not needed.

What we will expect from you:
Know the fights prior to being brought in.
Keep your gear as updated as possible with LFR/Valor/Crafteds.
(We will be looking for 475+ iLvl)
Be gemmed/enchanted & come with Flasks & Potions. (Food will be provided)
Realize you are in 2nd priority when it comes to trinkets/tier/weapons, but also know you will be well taken care of in the long run.

We are looking to run things on Wed/Sun/Mon 10-1 EST.
They will not always be the same raids or the same bosses.

Recruitment Needs:
Ranged DPS (But any dps that doesn't keyboard turn and make it their mission to stand in everything)

Please contact Gummy if you are interested in becoming a back-up <Stranded> raider.
Thank you!
Edited by Gummy on 12/9/2012 6:11 AM PST
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
475! gah!

kk working on it.

(i know my deeps isnt that amazing)

p.s. they do take care of you, i can personally attest to at least 2k worth of achieves thanks to gummy.
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90 Pandaren Shaman

Oh wait.

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90 Night Elf Druid
too bad im ally or I'd sign up, also too bad I just swapped from kitty main spec to tank =P maybe when i bring my horde monk over
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Still looking for a couple gems for clear nights! Wed/Sun/Mon mostly.

-A dps with a tank offspec would be ideal
-At this point we'll take any 475+ dps capable of simple mechanics!
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85 Orc Shaman
Can I join?
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