Dragonfire is interested in discussing collaboration with other guilds to raid 10 man normal in a mature and fun environment. We are wanting to raid outside of the LFR context and work on end game content in a laid back way.

If you are a similar minded guild feeling the same recruitment crunch please send "Dfrecruito" an in-game mail with a request to discuss a potential collaboration.

What we are looking for:
  • 2 - 3 nights a week raiding. Current, but willing to change, M/W/Sun at 7p.m. (CST)
  • SLS - (Equal guild member loot counsel for the tough decisions.)
  • Rotating vent.
  • Even split of roles and responsibilities with fill-in if needed. 2 X 5 = 1T/1H/3DPS
  • Rotating feasts.
  • Individual flasks.
  • Individual repairs.

  • What we offer:
  • Long list of raider pedigree.
  • Mature laid back players looking to enjoy the game.
  • 50 player vent.
  • Multiple raid experienced tanks.
  • Multiple raid experienced healers.
  • Experienced (R|M)Dps roster.

  • Note: As our ranks grow on both sides of the collaboration we would see going to a 25 man group if the numbers fit. If not, at the point both guilds reach critical mass, the collaboration can be reviewed. We are willing to commit to staying with our collaboration.