Best Monk Names!

77 Pandaren Monk
Monks roll (unless they talent for torpedo)
fzzl - @!*%@!#@@?
beef - not tauren


had to accent the E. been my gaming handle for years

EDIT: apparantly da followed by an f, then a u, then a q is not allowed
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90 Human Monk
^ like ur Style
I tried seeing how original and clever I could be. As you can see.... veryyyyyy clever
90 Pandaren Monk
A monk named Monk with a special char, sorry thats -4/10 for me. To each their own.
Shaofanger 8/10, only because I read it phonetically first before I divided it (Shao-fang-er)

I have to explain my name, because otherwise people think it's "itchy", when it should be "ichi-eh", from 一期一会 (ichigo-ichie), which is a Japanese concept meaning everything happens only once, a saying closely associated with tea ceremonies. Hiro from heroes used to say it all time :)
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76 Orc Death Knight
^ very cool, 9.5/10

I'm not on my newly created monk, but his name is Fengxìng, which is Windwalker in Chinese.

And the accent over the i is there because it is proper, not because the non-accented one was taken.
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38 Pandaren Monk
very cool name would have been a 5/10 but the fact that the accent letter is actually correct and not used just because the name was take. 10/10
90 Pandaren Monk
Any of the pandarian names from the random button.
90 Pandaren Monk
hi guys (^_-)v sorry im late to the party!
85 Human Monk
Hi. I was under the impression there would be punch and pie?
90 Human Monk
7/10. Your name maybe? Easy to shorten. (Tony. Even Ton) No accents. Not a monk move either. Me gusta
90 Pandaren Priest
68 Pandaren Monk
whoops 5/10
90 Pandaren Monk
Hoping this was a clever name.
Pandawashu sounds like a weird japanese bath house attendant. 7/10
85 Human Monk
12/13/2012 03:57 PMPosted by Ibori
7/10. Your name maybe? Easy to shorten. (Tony. Even Ton) No accents. Not a monk move either. Me gusta

Look up tony shalhoub. He's an actor. Been on a few movies and shows. 1 show in particular is what he's best known for. I'll even help you.
it's in the first paragraph.
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100 Draenei Monk
90 Pandaren Monk
No one will understand my name unless they knew that my Druid, who was my main for the last 3-4 years, is named Arbearday.
90 Night Elf Monk
*giggles* 8/10 because your druid's name is pretty clever and.. I totally understand the need to make your alt's names *similar* to your main's.

edit: My name is in Italian, not spanish. It means Serenity.. which I thought went well with this class c:
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