[Petition] Make Cinder Kitten a Cooking Fire


100 Draenei Mage
Please make the lovely new Cinder Kitten pet act as a Cooking Fire!

I enjoy Lil' Ragnaros but the Cinder Kitten is so much more adorable and quieter compared to Lil' Ragnaros. And I like hanging out with my new little buddy. Cooking with him out to provide the heat source would be a much welcomed perk.

Three cheers for Cinder Kitten providing a Cooking Fire heat source!

Sound off if you agree!
100 Night Elf Druid
I think this i a cool idea but petition threads are frowned on. Might want to change the title or risk getting locked or deleted.
100 Human Warlock
Petition threads are not allowed and will be deleted.

That said, even though the kitten is much smaller than Lil Rags, I agree.
100 Human Warlock
Cooking on a cat?
Cooking on a fire cat. I don't have one but I can support the idea.
100 Human Mage
If you just want a high count of posts, do change the tile to like, zomg why can't I cook on my cat.

then start your first post with how you're quitting wow because you can't cook over your cinder kittys head.

you'll have 15 pages by this time tommorow :D

That BS aside, I agree w/ cinder kitty fire, do make this not a petition though...
90 Night Elf Warrior
and have burnt kitty litter in the food and that amonia smell while cooking ... i think not
100 Draenei Warrior
Only if Pandaren Fire Spirit can also be a cooking fire. And I want the earth spirit to be an anvil.
90 Gnome Rogue
That wouldn't work... what if I'm cooking a fish dish over it's body? Won't the lil guy just jump in the air and eat the food? O_o
90 Night Elf Warrior
and i dont recall any of the pokemon being used directly as appliances nobody cooked on charmanders tail nobody used squirtles spit like a drinking fountain nobody strapped pikachu to a flashlight.
Community Manager
12/07/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Itsi
That wouldn't work... what if I'm cooking a fish dish over it's body? Won't the lil guy just jump in the air and eat the food? O_o

Cooking food = playtime for fire kitty.

Locking thread for petition. /sadpanda
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