I am pleased to announce that Gnomercenaries is currently filling up our roster for 10s.

About Us:
Gnomercenaries is an off-shoot to the clan Gnomercy; under new leadership we will be primarily focused on PVE raiding content with a secondary focus on PvP. Our leadership has been through most end game content through all WoW Expansions and we have been on the front edge of progression through each expansion. We are dedicated to do the same in MoP. Once established in PvE progression we will be turning our focus to PvP and will be looking for someone with experience to lead that division. We do accept casual players that are not looking to raid for friends and families that just enjoy the game.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for dedicated players that have the aptitude to learn and adapt to the expansion. Since WotLK, most of the player base have become lazy and unable to acclimate themselves to how raiding used to be and how it will be in MoP; this results in players not aware of their surroundings or mechanics of the fights and be under prepared for progression. We are looking for members that come prepared, know the fights, and are able to learn quickly from mistakes (because we all make them). We are willing to gear, teach and invest in players that we see have the skill sets needed to excel in MoP.

Raid Schedule:
Our Raid times are Sunday and Monday 8:00PM EST to 10:00 PM EST.

Please contact Posti or Daeg in game for more information.