Due to my work schedule, I am looking for any raid groups that start around 12 am server. I am available to DPS or Tank.

Toon names/Classes:
Glenndanzig/Priest (this one obviously) ilvl 473
Abäddon/Deathknight ilvl 467

The Deathknight is geared for tanking and I am currently building his DPS set.

I am open to guild invites or even joining up with a group of friends getting together for raids.

A little about me:
I have raided since Vanilla (back then, playing a rogue) and took a break from the game during Cataclysm. Came back during MoP but availability made raiding with my current guild impossible so stepped down as raid leader and am now looking for a group of people to raid with.

I do tech support and play during the day with occasional AFK moments to handle calls but I am available to answer any questions or speak with you. Feel free to message me in-game or leave a comment or suggestion here.

I am available 12 am server any day or Sundays and Mondays at any time of the day.

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