[A] Simba recruiting 10 man healer

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Simba is currently recruiting a healer for our 10 man progression core group does not need a dps offspec
we are
4/6 in mogu'shan vaults
1/6 in Heart of Fear
looking mainly for a mistweaver monk or resto shaman
raid days are
Wednesday 7:00 pm pst-10:00 pm pst
Sunday 7:00 pm pst-10:00 pm pst

shoot me a tell or mail
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Yup... wow.
Edited by Adorendo on 12/10/2012 2:55 PM PST
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Spankify I am not talking crap at all... just have your whole team show up and give their best. Review the fights prior to the raid. So that everyone's efforts are not wasted and they don't look like idots wondering why DBM puts a mark on their head for voodo. If that is hardcore then sue me. I tried work things out with your so called guild leader but she would rather the whole team suffer to keep a selected small few friends to be good players and run so called progression? Sorry but in my opinion that is a waste of a healers time and there is no progression in that at all.

If you are an intelligent healer you won't waste your time and energy with Simba. There... that is your talking smack, but the difference is its the truth. Good luck finding a healer that is willing to put up with it. I was very patient and did everything I could with them, but I was just too hardcore for expecting that.
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I've looked at your logs Adorendo, you are no where near the healer you think you are. Before you smack talk a guild on the forums, please have the skill to back yourself up. And yes, insulting a guild is the same thing as talking crap. Also, hypocritically saying that someone should be raid aware, when you are in fact, not very raid aware at all, is slightly humorous.

With an attitude like yours, you'll never be hardcore. You were not patient. You showed up when you chose to, and were flaky at other times. You believe gear is the same thing as skill. While Simba is perhaps not hardcore, they do have talented players within their ranks. You outgear me, and yet not only do I out progress you by bounds, but I also out heal you. You don't have to enjoy raiding with a particular guild at all; if you don't enjoy where you're at, you should always move on, this is a game after-all. BUT- you do not act like an immature school boy on their recruitment post. You are not as skilled as you think you are, and even if you were, it does not give you the right to treat others like that. Good luck with your raiding, and I hope to see you mature into an adult in the future.

Moving on, I have raided with Simba, and I would recommend raiding with them to anyone who reads this. They're currently struggling with their roster (hence the recruitment post), but they do have quite a few talented players and can be very fun to raid with.

Good luck Simba, I'm always rooting for you guys to do well.
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Lionet, it isn't about whom can out heal whom, but rather show up like you are suppose to and if you can't say something. Okay real life does happen and that is understandable. Then, other time's people are having ISP trouble etc Yes, I know and fully understand the woes of life and we deal with it when it is within reason… but on a consistent basis? How much does it take before the whole group has to suffer because of one or up to four individuals? How is the team to "progress" then is it really fun?

So while you're tooting your own horn think about that. Half the battle is being there like a "mature adult" and not pulling idiotic stunts that would force the whole raid to wipe. Sure it’s a game and I enjoy it but don't be a moron. If you pull a stunt like that at work they fire you. Do it a consistently in a ball game and the coach benches you. But there isn't much you can't say much when you never were at those raids like I was at with Simba… does the log show that? Nope, you were not there at all. So while your buddies in Simba are going to talk smack and get a little envious because I have moved on… then get it right out in the open for everyone to see just like the logs. I have never professed to be the best healer or the worst, but I pull my own weight and put up better numbers than most because I work at it, which is more than I can say for many of those in Simba. Yup I have a lot of room for improvement and won't deny that, but at least I am man enough to admit it and work on it.

Go fight your own battles and stay out of this one; the struggles they are having they brought on themselves and if the words sting a little then maybe it will help them to think a little more about how they treat people who do show up and make a sincere effort… raiding is a team effort and for that everyone needs to be present and accounted for. Sure you can get carried just like me or anyone else to progress to a decent stage of the game… but you probably would know that if you've played for any length of time or maybe you need to think about that as you're out there being the healing god of Kilrogg. Step away from Lux a while and help the casual guild of Simba out because apparently they need the help of a healing god like you to guide them through it. I wish them and you lots of luck with it.
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Ok, Adorendo... As the gm of Simba, let's address of couple of your issues. First, yes - we have an attendance problem. As do many of the raiding guilds on our server at the moment. We are recruiting to fill some positions. Second, our guild is small and select and intends to stay that way. Thus, I give our raiders more leeway than 'hardcore' guilds do when it comes to real life issues that come up. Also, I'd rather be very picky about the raiders we actually invite to our guild. When we made Simba, this was our intent. When I told you to go find a different, perhaps 'hardcore' raiding guild... it was really just my way of saying you didn't fit our group.

You couldn't heal the two heal fights in regular MSV... You don't stay on the floor on for the buff on Elegon and die every fight. You can't stay out of attenuation in HOF and die every fight. See a pattern here? After you left, Spankify and I two healed our way through 6/6 vaults and the first boss in HoF... we didn't get guild credit as we had to pug one too many.

We are doing just fine. Hope you are too. Have a great time with your new group.
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Its typical, but sounds like an awful lot of finger pointing and drama for one guild.
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Watch out guys, two guilds are arguing over who can clear MSV Reg!
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Let the logs be shown to the light! Only then will the true one be exposed!

PS. How long has Reign been dead for?

PPS. Why do I always see Adorendo in cyber fights?

Side note, yes, a walking soon-to-be flank steak can talk.
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I miss you deff.

Can we still make panda-cow babies?
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12/18/2012 12:54 AMPosted by Deffknight
Why do I always see Adorendo in cyber fights?

Probably because you're trolling.
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