I have tons of experience raiding. Was the guild leader, recruiter, MT for a successful 25man Hard Mode guild during WotLK. I won't need any direction or instruction in raiding. I always come prepared (and yes, that means knowing all the boss encounters).

I am available to raid pretty much any day from 2:30pm CST (12:30pm server time) to 8:00pm (6:00pm server time). On Wednesday and Thursday I can raid past 8:00pm to whatever time needed. (I work at night, therefore, I am only available on my days off to raid past 8pm).

I am not seeking to join another guild, just want to help out a group in need of a good tank. If I sound like a viable option for a fill in, let me know, and if all works out well, we could discuss further options of having me permanently tank for you and your guild. My times available just do not work for my current guild.

You can contact me here or in game (perferably in game). Thank you.