Does reporting really do anything?


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Long story short, there's a level 80 spammer on my server who frequently advertises services such as Honor grinding, powerleveling, cheap gold, TCG items, etc. all for RL money of course. They have multiple characters all named variations on the same thing, one for each type of service of course. They offer a website and even tell you to add their skype name, these people are not trying to hide or afraid of being banned.

I report the characters every time they spam of course, as I assume everyone else does. Yet every day I log on and there they are, sitting at level 80, happily spamming away. So I report them again, and again, and again. Yet, nothing.

I understand Blizz gets a lot of reports but how does it really get this bad? Do they not get enough reports? Has everyone ignroed the spammers and have stopped bothering? Does Blizz not tally the # of reports and think hmm lets check em out.

I dunno, but i like to think I'm helping the system by doing my part to report. I've been on the bad end of it, hacked accounts, stolen gold, the works, It's no fun, and spammers like this make their "cheap gold" this way. I certainly would hope my effort made a difference. And if it's not, if someone could point me to a better way to actually do it. I'm happy to provide character names to a CS rep if needed and such, if it would help.
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A lot of reports takes a long time to look through.

And it might take a while before they do anything.
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it does if it makes you feel better .... otherwise ... mmmm ... definitely maybe
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Reporting gives you the psychological satisfaction of knowing you reported someone.

So, yes, it *does* accomplish something.
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I've never had the same issue twice with any player I've reported, so I have no reason to believe it doesn't work.
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I have no idea if it works but recently I reported a gaggle of obvious bots in Hyjal, they were there 24/7 for days on end. Then they all just disappeared and haven't returned since. (I have been farming a lot up there, until now as I am starting to progress past 80 finally.) I can't help but wonder if my report helped or if this was just random.

Of course, I checked back up there and now there is a new set of bots so it seems like a losing battle either way. Interstingly these bots' actions seem just a little less "botty" and I can't get them to attack me or flag PvP via AoE attacks anymore. Makes me wonder if it is a different bot control, or has someone adjusted it to remove some flaws. Too bad too, before they did I farmed out a lot of HP from them while picking up gold and vendor trash.
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Given how many botters, name reports, language violations, and harassment or exploits I've filed on people since the ticket system was changed with no results at all?

No. I can safely say that reporting does nothing.
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12/07/2012 03:45 PMPosted by Lumah
I understand Blizz gets a lot of reports but how does it really get this bad? Do they not get enough reports? Has everyone ignroed the spammers and have stopped bothering? Does Blizz not tally the # of reports and think hmm lets check em out.

It is entirely possible that not enough folks are reporting it, Lumah. Are you certain it is the same characters or perhaps just the same names? A common tactic is to delete a character after it has been used to spam.

12/07/2012 03:53 PMPosted by Alastair
The new right click system? nope does nothing

I believe there are many out there that would disagree. Namely those who may have violated our policies, been reported appropriately and had action taken against the account because of it.

Doesnt do anything as far as ive seen. They pay their 15 bucks a month so blizz doesnt really care.

We care a great deal actually. Paying a subscription fee grants you access to the account, you still are asked to abide by the policies that we put forth. If you violate those policies penalties may be applied to the account.

Keep in mind that these reporting systems are social in nature, meaning that it may take more than a single person reporting in certain cases.

That doesn't mean these systems are perfect, we continue to monitor how they work and will continue to make adjustments to improve them. It is import to continue to use them though, as our investigations are based heavily off of those reports.
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