Currently 10 man raid team, recruiting for 25 man and a change of schedule, please read on.

Drow is a community of gamers who would like to strive for hardcore progression on a casual schedule. We are a mature and focused guild dedicated to completing end-game content. In Drow we believe that having a life outside the game is important. We would like to get to a point that our progression raiding team achieves in six hours a week what most players don't achieve at all, leaving plenty of time for work, school, and a real life. Our minimal schedule however does not come with minimal expectations. We expect the very best out of every one of our members, on every single pull. We love to joke around and have fun, but when it's time to focus, we get the job done.

Drow is a mature (18+ only) 10 man progression guild. We are a well established guild that has been on Kael'thas since the beginning of Cataclysm. With a six hour raiding schedule Drow is proof that progression raiding and real life can co-exist. If you are looking for a dedicated and fun raiding guild without heavy time requirements, consider Drow your new home.

Raid Progression Schedule:

Fri: 730-1030pm (CST)
Sun: 630pm-930pm (CST)

We are presently raiding 10 man but would like to move up to 25 man and potentially change our raiding schedule to Tues/Wed/Thurs once we have players in place.

Recruitment: 10 man

Deathknight - Low
Deathknight (tank) - High
Druid - Low
Druid (healer) - Low
Hunter - Low
Mage - Low
Monk - Low
Monk (healer) - High
Paladin (Tank) - High
Paladin (holy) - High
Priest - Low
Priest (holy)- High
Rogue - Low
Shama - Medium
Shaman (healer) - High
Warlock - Medium
Warrior - Low
Warrior (Tank) - High

Recruiting: 25 man

Deathknight - High
Deathknight (tank) - High
Druid - High
Druid (healer) - High
Hunter - High
Mage - High
Monk - High
Monk (healer) - High
Paladin (Tank) - High
Paladin (holy) - High
Priest - High
Priest (holy)- High
Rogue - High
Shama - High
Shaman (healer) - High
Warlock - High
Warrior - High
Warrior (Tank) - High

We are always looking for exceptional players with the drive to complete content. If your class is currently listed under -Low- but you consider yourself an exceptional player, please feel free to apply. Our Expectations:

-We expect a serious long-term commitment to be part of our raiding roster. Players should show up consistently on time, miss only with extremely rare exception, and always give advance notice if they can't keep their commitments.

-We expect mature, personable players who know how to have fun, but also know how to get down to business and focus when the time comes.

-We expect team players who follow instructions from the raid leadership, sacrifice personal glory in favor of accomplishing team objectives, and have the desire to perform as exceptional players.

-We expect players to invest time to properly prepare themselves for raiding. Always showing up will full knowledge of encounters, properly geared, specced, gemmed, reforged, and enchanted to maximize their output for the team.

-We expect players to join our protected Facebook page and check there regularly, to keep up to date on guild announcements, boss strategies, and to participate in general discussions.

Other Requirements:

Mumble installed with a working microphone to communicate during raids. Trust me, Mumble is an easy download, quick install and so much better than Vent.


Gear, Gems, Reforging, Enchants, and Professions must be min/maxed to their full raiding potential.

Required Add-Ons: GTFO, DBM, Skada/Recount


For more information or to apply, please visit our website at:


Apply in game via the guild recruiting system or contact Aleshanze via in game mail or at ssintrepid@hotmail.com

Questions? Feel free to contact Aleshanze, Mcdowell, Cherube