Easiest dps class to play?


90 Blood Elf Mage
Honestly? I'd say hunters. Movement is inconsequential to their DPS, which is kind of unique.
Couldn't be bothered to read past the first few mage posts suggesting hunter. That's gotta be the most ironic thing i've read in a while. The hunter community has been plagued with an overdose of keybinds for a long time yet all Mop did was add more. There's a whole bunch of threads regarding the issue.

Leveling as a hunter is easy , always was. But since 4.0 it became sedatively easy for all classes to grab a whole bunch of mobs and just brutalize em all with virtually no downtime....It has nothing to do with old school leveling. So any class/spec is fine really.

I got fed up with keyboard dexterity , lol. Destro lock was my solution. Kinda needed to compensate i guess.
87 Human Rogue
Fury Warrior is pretty straightforward, I play an assas rogue, I need to make sure S/D stays up, that is not hard at all due to Envenom passive( that was a quality of life issue, and rogues complained that they had to keep spending valuable combo points on maintaining a buff. I have an addon, slice admiral, that I use to make sure everything is at maximum effectiveness and I only envenom if i have max points on Rupture already spent and ticking away
87 Human Rogue
blizzard has done a lot since cata to MOP to make the classes easy to learn, hard to master, which is their philosophy on class design. Arcane Mages used to have a pretty straightforward rotation but MOP has added some procs dealing with one of the spells and you have choices on what to do with it. Arcane isn't as easy as it used to be.
1 Gnome Warlock
For people that think Demo is an easy 2button spec.

You've got in the course of dps combat:

Shadow Bolt/Touch of Chaos
Fel Flame/Void Ray
Soul Fire
Shadow Ward/fury ward - used frequently
Hand of Gul'dan/Chaos Wave
Carrion Swarm
Drain Life/Harvest Life
Mortal Coil-if specced
Curse of Elements
Curse of Enfeeblement
Those 2 respective Auras
Summon Infernal
Summon Doomguard
Metamorphosis - including stance combo binds
Hellfire/Immolation Aura
Dark Apotheosis-if glyphed

Fear/focus Fear
Enslave/focus Enslave
Bannish/focus Bannish
Shadow Fury aoe stun
Seduce/focus Seduce

from 4 to 6 button micro managment depending on pet, and if you're doing it right you've got a relatively complex interwoven system to manage these angles.

If you're a savvy player you've also got a system for mouseover dots and channels as well as for pets and sister binds for on use abilities and items.

I have over 85 binds and a book of scripts, addons and macros I play with, and you'll see the difference. It all comes down to advanced play vs basic.. and like with all other classes, it depends on the player.
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90 Troll Hunter
Speaking AS a hunter, I'd be lying if I said it was hard to actually understand the basics of our class and we are very, very easy to level.

Now, at end game putting out decent numbers requires keeping track of a thousand different things but for just seeing content we're pretty simple in our design.
88 Human Paladin
@ 12 he's smarter than you think.

Here's what I did with my 10 year old..

Get him Spellflash for all the toons and have him decide which one he likes to play. If you give him something he doesn't like he'll lose interest.

We want those fresh souls to keep coming, GG.

Unbind his backward key and the minute you see him click an ability slap him in the back of the head really hard.

Oh yeah, I wanted my son to play a 2 button mage but he settled for a feral druid - go figure.
90 Troll Druid
12/08/2012 06:59 PMPosted by Donnicton
The answer to that, across any expansion, any patch, and tier, has always and will ever be: Hunter.

Says the mage.. Arcane is by far the easiest spec to play.
90 Human Paladin
The best class for him will be the class he learns to play well. You'd be doing him (and anyone he queues/plays with) more of a favor by rolling an alt *with* him instead of leveling an alt *for* him. Even as borked and easy as Blizzard has made leveling, playing it from the ground up is still the best way to learn.
90 Blood Elf Mage
12/10/2012 05:02 PMPosted by Helmet
The answer to that, across any expansion, any patch, and tier, has always and will ever be: Hunter.

Says the mage.. Arcane is by far the easiest spec to play.

Frost and Fire are and have always been easier than the modern incarnation of Arcane.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Havent read all of the comments, but I would say frost DK. You can have no idea what youre doing and still pull decent damage. Its a three button spec and you can just hit the shiny buttons.
He'll get to see big fat crits and have fun too.

I'm not saying this is optimal, or that frost dks are nubs, but it has a low skill floor to pull decent damage. As it turns out, max dps with a frost DK actually takes a lot of skill and management of spells/timers.
85 Human Priest
12/08/2012 06:53 PMPosted by Faydê
my younger brother (12 years old) wants to get into wow and i will level him a toon on his account.

My 12 yea old daughter leveled a toon all on her own to 85 in cata.

If you hold his hand and level his toon for him he will suck and get group kicked when he trys to play no matter what class you choose for him.

Let him mess around with all the classes. The class he likes enough to play past 20 is the toon he will do best on. Give him gearing/rotation/stat/glyph/etc advice for sure, but have more faith in the kid's ability. He will probably be out dpsing you in short order.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Boomkins are pretty simple.
Sunfire or Moonfire
Spam wrath/starfire
/use starsurge on proc,

(I have a 90 boom, 90 monk, and 88 s.priest. Booms are the simplest of the three.)
90 Undead Hunter
Mages. Mages don't have mana anymore. The only thing they do is spam damage. Hunters have to pay attention to their focus, every other class has a resource to pay attention to besides mages.
90 Human Monk
12/10/2012 11:04 PMPosted by Ernestx
Mages. Mages don't have mana anymore. The only thing they do is spam damage. Hunters have to pay attention to their focus, every other class has a resource to pay attention to besides mages.

This isn't true, actually. The mage T6 talents are mana-centric. If you pick invocation or Rune of Power, you will have to utilize them to maintain your mana. Incanter's ward is a safe bet, though, if you want to be lazy / pull less DPS.

Not sure why you singled mages out, though. The hybrid casters don't really oom either. Elemental is commonly viewed as the easiest DPS spec. The rotation is simple, you only have to keep one dot up, and the cooldowns are straightforward.
90 Blood Elf Mage
12/11/2012 12:14 AMPosted by Monica
Not sure why you singled mages out, though.

Why wouldn't he? Isn't that one of the cool things to do on these forums?
90 Worgen Warlock
Easiest has to be Elemental Shaman, it is so easy it gets really boring sometimes. Don't know why people not suggest it more.
90 Pandaren Priest
I'll hop on the "all classes are relatively simple" train, but would like to add that shadow priests also have an extremely active theorycrafting community that have the best choices for darn near everything mapped out early in the exapnsion/after each subsequent patch. The class isn't very challenging, and you can get a relatively high reward with even a modicum of knowledge about it. And it is fun.
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