We just transferred from Kilrogg to Kargath to meet some new friends. Due to real life issues we have lost our tanks and a healer. Back at the end of Oct. and around the first of Nov. we got a few weeks of raiding in and downed 2 bosses in that short time ( in Mogu'shan Vaults of course). Since then we have been on hold waiting to fill our slots with mature raiders with a love for the game. We were known as Casually Addicted on Kilrogg and are a 3 year old guild. Most every transferred over to Kargath with the guild in hopes of starting fresh with a few new players.

We are always looking for great players not just a couple of tanks and heals.
If we are full one night we try to rotate others in as the raid comp. for the night will allow us to do so of course.

Our raid nights are, Wed. Fri. Sun. 10:30pm - 12:30ish. This was our old raid schedule and may be slightly changed if it suits everyone better.

We are an all adult guild.

If interested in joining our ranks please go to www.modesty.guildportal.com and fill out an application or get with me in-game by mail or tell.

Thanks for you time on reading this.