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4 Night Elf Druid
Hi Argent Dawn!

My husband and I are new to the server and are seeking a place to call home. We would love to find a guild that has other females or couples to play with. We are "casual" but like to play alot.. We've been playing the game off and on since closed beta and have just started playing again.

We are usually always a tank/healer combo. I am going to be a priest and him a bear druid. We are new to the end game stuff and haven't even really raided much at all.. I used to raid in orginal WoW when it was the 40 man stuff but haven't really done much since.

We are just looking for something casual.. we enjoy PVP, dungeons, wouldn't mind trying raiding as long as you don't mind that we're newbs to it! We don't mind light RP but it isn't our main goal. We are very fast levelers as we are currently using RAF.

If you think you are something we are looking for please feel free to contact me in game.. Kyrisa or leave me a note on here! Thanks!!
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90 Tauren Druid
Hello, we have alot in common, too much lol. My wife and I play aswell, she is a priest and I am a druid. Our guild is just getting started and are LFM to help get going but we're a casual raiding guild that won't nerd rage if your not there due to a busy life. We don't care if your newbs, we just like to enjoy the game for what it is, a game. We'd love to have you guys. If you have any ?s for me just let me know. I have a guild post just below this 1, burning crusaders LF casual raiders is ours.
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90 Tauren Druid
I just noticed your person is a NE, I'm sorry I started typing before I noticed. All the same if you'd like to go horde we'd love to have you.
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4 Night Elf Druid
Thank you for your reply! Sorry it's my fault I didn't mention that we are alliance.. The character I am posting with isn't my character on Argent Dawn because she wasn't on my list (guessing because she was just made?).

If we ever do decide horde I will definitely give you a shout :) Everytime we play horde we end up quitting because my husband (being a lore fanatic) can't stand being allied to the undead lol.
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100 Human Paladin
Hi, For Science might be your kinda guild. While we're certainly not for everyone, we do have a pretty regular group of couples that play together. Around a third of the guild is made up of couples.

We don't actively raid right now, but if we herd together ten guild-chickens, we'll step into that realm. We DO however get into a lot of the older raids achievement hunting, so if that's your bag, we're all about that.

Also the guild is full of adults. I think the youngest people in guild are in their early 20s, but the majority are in the 27-32 demographic.

We also routinely do cheesy events like Pokepet battle tourneys, death races, and "who can fall the furthest off Dalaran" contests, with vanity pets as the prizes for smaller games, and mounts for larger events.
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100 Draenei Paladin
Hello and welcome to Argent Dawn!

If you are looking for a nice place to level, call home, quest, raid, PvP or dungeons <Last Bastion> might be a good home to try! We have multiple couples that play together, a few married couples, my wife doesn't play anymore but that counts right XD?

We are a pretty close "family" that welcome all in, it won't take long for you to feel welcome and a part of everything! Most of the 90s in the guild love running older content and alts at various levels so having someone to run content with you won't be a problem!

If we sound like something you would like to try please let me know! Look forward to hearing from you soon!
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90 Orc Death Knight
Hello there! I don't know what your schedule looks like, and I know you said that you very much prefer being Alliance scum er, I mean, pretty elfies, but we're offering a very different experience so I thought I'd go ahead and respond for your consideration! No couples yet, but we do have a very nice young lady in our founding members and the old dead guild that we sprung from and are modeled after (<Dogma> of SWC) was chock full of them, so we're definitely friendly to the play style! Check us out and feel free to contact either myself or one of my officers (Ashial and Bojun) either in whispers or mail with any questions! Thank you for your time and good luck in your search!

Argent Dawn, RP-PvE Horde
Freshly launched on 12/29/2012!

Currently recruiting all players interested in a fresh start with a new main and a group of helpful, friendly folks who love to laugh! Also recruiting for our first raid team! We need....

1 Tank DK closed, all others open
1 Melee Dps OR 1 Healer Rogue and Retribution Paladin closed, Shaman and Priest heals closed.
3 Ranged DPS Warlock closed everything else is open.

Our Focus
Our focus as a guild is on each other. While we intend to raid on a casual schedule, as well as rated PvP (and potentially organized RP if there's enough interest!) our ultimate focus is the friendships, camaraderie and laughs that we get simply from enjoying being together. If you wish to pursue server first hard modes, or become a member of a 2200 Arena team, we may not be the home you're looking for. However, if you'd like to dabble in the end game with a group who aren't above giggling at toilet humor, who understand when real life trumps WoW, and who shrug off wipes with friendly optimism instead of negativity and hate, we might be the home you're looking for!

During the rerolll process, we will have a weekly meeting on Saturday morning (9AM EST) where weekly contests will be announced, prizes will be distributed, the next week's level goal will be announced, and afterwards, we'll group up for some gold old fashioned premade battlegrounds and dungeons! Upon progressing as a guild to the level cap, we plan to begin raiding casually with our first raid team (9AM-12PM EST Saturday and Sunday) as well as starting a RBG PvP team (days and times to be decided) We also encourage our membership to be vocal about the types and schedules of events they would like to see! Want a second raid team running late night week days? Want a weekly RP event on fridays? Talk to us! Even if we don't have the time/resources to run it, chances are we'll support you if you want to head it up!

Apply Today!
If this sounds like something up your alley, by all means visit our website and fill out a short application today! Please excuse the fresh paint, the site as a whole and the documents contained therein are all works in progress! For quick reference, you can find these handy documents here:

Guild Charter: http://rerollproject2k13.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1316613
Raid Charter: http://rerollproject2k13.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1316936
Reroll FAQ: http://rerollproject2k13.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1316955

Also, if you need more information please don't hesitate to contact me in game! My battletag is Normak#1462 Hope to hear from you shortly, and create a new beginning for all of us together!
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