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Coming up this january my guild will be together for 5 years. For any guild getting through a year is tough.. forget getting to 5. I have dealt with losing officers due to philisophical differences, officers having a medical crisis .. personal issues, I have seen our guild reach heights where we had 6 10man raid teams at one point. And seen 3 25man raid teams then seen it drop down. to 1. Finally I also noticed our realm was stagnating. IT got so bad trying to fill a 10man was sad. LAck of interest on the server on the nights we wanted to raid. Also alot of vitriol from former members who blamed the guilds issues squarely on me. And for a while I did blame myself. I was dealing with a family crisis and a professional one all at the same time. I was stressed. and instead of logging on to my guild and being able to step away from the stress and feel better. I was getting stressed by the guild's crisis. Then finally my professsional situation was stabilized. And my family issue got a slight reprieve. It was enough to allow me to think. Then this friday I made the decision. I wasn't sure how many would agree. I brought in all my core players and officers and I told them my ideas. I let them know what was going on. And with no arguments no yelling no one getting upset.. we agreed. So this coming january on our anniversary we are all moving our guild to a new server. And I am really happy to find that 95% of my guild is going with me.

The idea is to get a new name. Get a renewed focus on our core values as a guild... have a fresh start. No past baggage to weigh us down. join a realm that reminds us of how our realm used to be and regain that spark. WE all still are enjoying wow.... we all want to raid and pvp. But we just need more players to do it with. And everyday as some old times return I Am personally talking to them and letting them know on a one to one basis our plans. And its working so far as I said 95% are coming. They have noticed the same issues I have.. and they are relieved that I noticed them as well. They didn't think I had but its woken them up that they were not communicating with me and it was only hurting us and its actually brought us tighter. Now our voice server is vibrant and active again and we are just pumped for this january.

IF there is a lesson to be learned here.. Please if your a guild leader .. even an experienced one.. if you stop communicating one on one with your guild.. you will lose people.. if they don't realize that you do have their interests in mind. That can only be conveyed via action and talking to them. Not talking over them.

I will post again a few months down the road about the effects of the new home.
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Shaithas you care a lot about your guild, it shows through more than anything else in your post.

I wish you the best of luck on your new server, and definitely let us know how it goes :)
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Just a quick update Going to make the change sooner then later. IT seemed someone blabbed the date when we were going to initially transfer to people I Didn't want to know. so I Am going to just do it a bit earlier with only like a few people knowing to also give our guild a nice shot in the arm and take advantage of the raid id /daily reset that comes with a server transfer. this way my members can enjoy 2 attempts at sha in one week as an example. Sadly some people hold grudges and try to harm a good thing. But no matter they will not hamper my resolve to do whats right for my guild.
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Just a heads up, I dunno about Sha of Anger, but they fixed the raid IDs resetting on transfer/faction change thing a long time ago. Your raid ID will transfer with you.
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