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90 Pandaren Shaman
Hello, I've recently been assigned to heal a raid (no prior experience lol) so this is all kind of new to me. Now, we've been fine downing bosses in the time that we have, but starting tomorrow we will be officially going with our group(been pugging spots).

I have a couple of questions in my head if some of my fellow resto shaman's and anyone else that knows this class can reply, I'd really appreciate it.

Glyph of Telluric Currents, is it worth using? If not, what do you use to return mana? I've been at 45K on the Guardians, 50K on Feng, and 60K on Gara'jal, the first two bosses were 3 healed, Gara'jal was 2 healed. We have a resto druid and a holy pally, me and the holy pally 2 healed, had the resto druid go DPS on Gara'jal to beat the enrage.

So far, I've reforged to meet the 3764 haste break point, an extra tick on HTT couldn't be ignored. What would you guys suggest in the other secondary stats? I mean I'm maximizing spirit right now for sure, but would you go for crit or mastery?

Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Glyph of Telluric Currents is not really worth taking. Try Glyph of Totemic Recall instead for a mana management tool.

Don't reforge out of anything to meet that haste breakpoint on account of HTT. It's kinda broken. Focus instead on mastery and spirit. Crit is also more valuable than it used to be. I wouldn't reforge into it, but I also don't just reforge out of it by default.

Since HST and HTT extra ticks are for the most part dependent on your latency their first breakpoint of 3764(3306 for goblins) is greatly devalued. Aim for as low as 871 (441 for goblins) as you can.
- Source:

I personally like The totemic projection talent over call of the elements, because it allows me to move my totems to be best on fights where there is a lot of spread, like garalon, certain phases of empress, or on the run during blade lord.

A couple basic best practices:
    keep earth shield up 100% of the time.
    Use HST on cooldown (then use glyph of totemic recall when it hits 0 sec for totally free healing).
    Use unleash life to buff healing rain (remember, unleashed fury buffs the target you cast it on, NOT you or the next spell. this makes it best for tank healing, and not worth taking if primarily raid healing - primal elementalist is better in that case).
    Make aggressive use of cooldowns especially ascendance (don't wait till you have no mana to use this, you need mana to make it effective).
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Thank you for responding. So I shouldn't really go out of my way to meet that second haste breakpoint but just the first.

Also on the totemic projection talent, I will bring my tomes around and test with that since the ranged dps in our group sometimes forget and want to be lone rangers.

Totemic recall seems like a better mana return tool than telluric currents now that I look into it...

Anything else anyone else sees, feel free to point them out.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Yeah. Haste is still a good thing to have of course, and works well with our mastery by delivering heals to low hp targets quickly, and you know, it's just a good stat to have. Reforging into it, especially at low gear levels, though, is not something I would do. Especially not with the intent of extra totem ticks considering the bug. xD

I went hunting to look for combat logs for your guild and I was a bit freaked to see that basically no one on Demon Soul uses world of logs. What up with that, yo?! :P Lol

Without seeing logs of your fights it's hard to offer more than general advice. I carry tons of tomes with me (or like last night, bum them off guildies >.>) and switch my talents and glyphs often. This is a good habit to get into with the new talent system.
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LFR is actually good practice for healing a raid. It's way more chaotic and disorganized than a real raid, so it's good practice for juggling all the extra information you have to keep track of.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Yeah our realm is pretty bad :S.

@Heartsings, I don't know if I should really judge my performance off that though, it's really easy to heal LFR, I'm usually tops unless there's a priest... And I feel like 25 man LFR is really different from 10m normal.
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100 Draenei Priest
Chain heal requires a bit of raid awareness, you don't want to spend your mana on it when it will only hit one person. In fights where the raid isn't stacked, Glyph of Chaining shines. Depending on the strat you use, You can use the glyph on Stone Guard. Sporit Kings is also another fight where the glyph is viable.

Another situational glyph is Glyph of Riptide. This glyph will allow you to spam Riptide at the cost of losing a large amount of the initial heal. It's best used on high movement fights such as Blade Lord Ta'yak's second phase or Stone Guard. Of course, The fights are completely doable without the glyph.
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