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Hi there, everyone! :)

So this nifty little guild on the Alliance side named Convocation is about to start raiding 10-man content the beginning of January! We're a laid back, fun sort of bunch and have been raiding together since WotLK. Unfortunately, we lost a few people to real life and are in need of a tank healer and a couple of DPS when we start our adventures into Mists raids. Currently, we have a DK tank, warrior tank, shaman healer, druid healer, a rogue, a hunter, and a shadow priest.

Holy Paladin, Warlock and some sort of melee DPS is our goal!


Some info: We'll be raiding Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5pm to 8pm PST. There will be no DKP or stuff like that (straight up rolls with a few minor rules so that everyone gets a chance at gear). We are not a serious progression raiding guild. We do finish raids, we don't suck at 'em, but we aren't in the habit of taking ourselves THAT seriously. Many of us have been in major raiding guilds before. So... been there, done that, got the t-shirt, but like hanging out with friends, screwing off and just having fun while completing these raids. And believe me, it does work! This guild has been around as Reverie in Wrath and then we switched our name to Convocation when Cata came out. Some of us even raided together back in BC as well. We're raiding, roleplaying and socializing all in one! And no, we don't RP while trying to progress through a raid. ;)

Some people in the guild enjoy RP, others enjoy raiding and still others just wanna be there just to hang out with us cool people. We don't expect anyone to have interest in all areas of the game, just interest in one of the areas we participate in and respect for the others.

It's pretty simple! If you can have a good time and get along with some really great people, then you'll be an excellent fit! Please also keep in mind that the average age of our guildies is 30, but that doesn't mean we don't like the younger generations. It simply means we're a tad more mature... sort of. Our therapists argue otherwise, due to the amount of jokes that revolve around monkeys and no pants. But that's another story.

Please check out our website, read the Rules & Info section and apply there if you're interested! If you have any questions, please feel free to poke at me on Thallia or Ephra (mainly will be on Ephra since she'll be my raiding toon) and I'll be happy to give you more info!

*** We aren't just limiting our recruiting to raids either! If you are in need of a fun place to hang out and enjoy the game either for RP or just to be a part of this family, we'd love to see you apply! ***
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12/13/2012 05:29 PMPosted by Leatei
You should probably note that Convo uses a DKP system and that new players and PUGs will -not- be allowed gear if someone in the guild could use it. You are only allowed to roll on an item if -every other member- passes.

That helps answers my ?? Thanks Leatei
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Actually, that is untrue! In our current system, we no longer use DKP. It was just annoying, took too long, and wasn't going to work once we started bringing in friends from outside the guild.

We're going by straight rolls now! There is still a loot master, who will link the piece in raid warning, ask people to roll, and anyone can roll on it. Anyone. In the guild or not. Currently, we do have friends from outside the guild that have been tagging along and have gotten a chance to roll on pieces just like everyone else. :)

Please, next time ask us before posting information that is no longer relevant, so that we don't send people the wrong message. Thanks! <3

Quoted directly from our website:
Please make sure that you have researched what gear is an upgrade, what is a sidegrade, what is for off-spec and what is worthless to you BEFORE you get into the raid. We ask this so that when it comes time to roll for a piece of gear, we don't have people saying, "Hold on, let me see if that's an upgrade." Run the Rating Buster mod, too. Better breakdown of stats so you know better what you're looking at.

  • When you roll for a piece of gear, let us know if it is a main spec roll or an off spec roll right at the start.
  • If you win a main spec roll against someone else, the next time you roll main spec, if someone rolls against you, they will get the piece instead of you.
  • If you roll main spec and no one else rolls, it doesn't count for the above mentioned rule. That only applies when someone rolls against you.
  • If two people roll and both have won something that night, then it's just a regular roll-off between them again.
  • These same rules apply for off-spec rolling as well.
Edited by Thallia on 1/18/2013 12:57 PM PST
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Nice to see that it has changed, but since as of the 1st I am retired. Good luck to you
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The other interesting part of these replies is that I had specifically said in my first post that there was no DKP so that everyone gets a chance at gear.


Just goes to show that I should write less and bullet points more clearly so that people read.
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naw, after years of wall o text, i have just learned to do the TL;DR version
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