[Bug] - Mini Tyrael Stun ends too early

This happens every time, But when you use the skill "Holy Justice", the stun ability that Mini Tyrael uses during pet battles, it ends too early and makes it completely useless.

Unlike "Clobber", its murloc counterpart skill, Clobber DOES stun them for NEXT turn as it is supposed to. BUT when you use the Same skill to stun with Mini Tyrael (just a different name) the mechanics are bugged and the stun wears off instantly.

This is especially notable if you use it while being the slower of the two pets fighting. If you choose Holy Justice, after they have attacked, you stun them BUT the sun goes away as the next turn starts. You get no tactical advantage from this and its just the same as choosing "pass".

Can "Holy Justice" please be fixed so its mechanics work the same as "Clobber" and do what it is supposed to. Trying to level Mini Tyrael at low levels feels like a HUGE disadvantage becuase instead of having 3 skills to use and choose from each fight, he only has 2, since "Holy Justice" is practically useless.

I mean, you do want the Archangel of Justice to have a fair fight right?.... or are you all corrupted by the Prime Evil?
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90 Undead Warlock
Is it any targets, or only critters? Critters' racial pretty much makes 1-turn stuns useless.
Do not shy from dark paths... if those paths lead to victory -Apothecary Zamah
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Is it any targets, or only critters? Critters' racial pretty much makes 1-turn stuns useless.

I am well aware of the critter racial skill... and No that is not the problem
This bug happens no matter who you attack, critters or dragons or aquatics or anyone.

The affect of the stun from Holy Justice wears off on the SAME turn you use it, no matter if you attack first or second.
Can a blue post please comment on this?
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