Ran into a brick wall last night.

90 Human Paladin
Hello, I've been making my way through MV 25man content and have been doing quite well and getting upgrades along the way to help out. We were on the last boss last night in MV however and I simply ran into a wall healing wise.

I was keeping Beacon on our OT, while spamming our MT with Holy Light/Holy Shock and keeping the rolling HoT from Eternal Flame on both tanks as much as I could. Then throwing down AoE healing on the gas phases, basically my healing ended up being quite terrible and this is the first time I've ever had this problem *although I healing provide a lot more raid healing all throughout the fight rather than on certain phases*

Through looking at parses on WoL for this fight it seems that holy paladins seem to be doing amazing on this fight and dominate it for 25man, so I figured I would come here and see what I could do to improve what I'm obviously doing wrong.

Feel free to armory me and make plenty of suggestions on what I should do during that fight and any changes I should make to gemming and the like.

Here is our WoL report: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-fzfpkk9d2x3ki1xu/sum/healingDone/

Thank you in advance for help.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
What problems did you specifically face? Oom, not enough healing to keep up with damage spikes or? I run will of emperor with sacred shield and holy prism, and sacred shield works especially well on that fight for me.
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90 Human Paladin
Didn't really have a mana problem except once or twice, so I wouldn't think so. My healing was keeping up because on the damage spikes *namely gas phases* I switch over to HR > HS > HR>LoD *then with divine purpose spam if it procs* rinse and repeat.

It wasn't that my healing wasn't keeping up with what I was doing as stated above I mainly tank healed. The thing was doing that my HPS/HPM was significantly lower then the other healers whom I was performing with so I informed and WoL reports basically confirmed it, even though I mainly put myself as a tank healer instead of raid till gas phases I feel that my healing should've been higher than it was.

Although I can see how much more useful HP may be on such a widespread fight at times, how would SS do over EF at 30% mastery and not providing the rolling HoT. Or is the incoming damage that SS tosses back completely making it easier for breathing room.
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90 Draenei Paladin
Your healing tanks -- your hps is going to be terrible. I was on tanks for this fight and my hps was 26k. I did swap to SS because our first pull gave me a feel for the type and amount of damage and EF just wasn't useful enough to bother with when I was going to just be on tanks. I used SS on tanks, WoG and LoD during gas phase. I did heal other members but mostly it was tank healing because they really take heavy damage in this fight.

ETA -- was looking through WoL from our kill and your longest fight and here's some numbers...

EF (your attempt that went 11:33) -- aver 18,374.1/total 551,224 (30 total cast)
SS (my kill @11:11) -- aver 21,322/total 1,641,793

So, there's some good numbers to compare. And I wasn't even the best at keeping SS up 100% of the time. My uptime according to WoL was a miserable 31% which is rather embarrassing LOL, but I kind of forgot for a bit I'd swapped since I've been running EF for a while. After seeing those numbers going to have to do better at keeping it active next time, doh!

ETA again I got my numbers from our first attempt when I had EF and while SS still is ahead of the game, your EF #s seem kind of low. Are you ensuring 3 HP?

My EF for the attempt at 12:12 wipe aver--53,067.4/ total 1,326,686 (total cast 25 times)

So, are you running with disc priests maybe? Because I believe (not a 100% positive) their spirit shell overwrites flame which could be why yours is healing so little.

Also, your gemming could use some tweaking. The combo gems will help gain your socket bonus and that extra +int/mastery can help bring up your throughput. Also, you've just about maxxed your JC. The JC gems are your 'bonus' and they can be quite nice. JMHO.
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90 Draenei Paladin
Didn't really have a mana problem except once or twice, so I wouldn't think so. My healing was keeping up because on the damage spikes *namely gas phases* I switch over to HR > HS > HR>LoD *then with divine purpose spam if it procs* rinse and repeat.

This is where you are going wrong.
Holy Avenger
Execution Sentence

I beacon the OT and heal the MT. ES makes a great buffer HoT and transfers half its healing to the beacon target. So I ES the MT when I know a spike is coming. Also HA for Titan Gas. Saves a lot of mana and is predictable insane burst, especially when used with wings or divine favor. Sac the OT every time its up and put the EF on yourself instead of the OT. As the beacon target he'll be getting the incoming healing from your HoT and whatever other healing you are doing, as well as the dmg reduction from Sac.

Rinse and repeat.
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