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As I sit here alt-tabbed, leveling my Paladin through the experience of AV, I wonder what has happen? What has happen to the players, the people, the families and just this entire game in general?
From the time periods of where Rontu could actually kill someone, and Ehto at the age of 12 running around screaming "I got a big ego," because a 12-year-old was on top of the world. (No pun intended in reference to Kanye West) To nowadays where hardly anyone credible still exist.
Well we can but begin to explain what has happen throughout the years, and that may take a while, so here marks the beginning of weekly story time!!!!

I will be posting a weekly story, as you guessed it, weekly! Please comment, skype, facebook message, in-game mail, whisper, trade chat, or just straight up tell me if you have any recommendations on upcoming stories. And as always, God bless!
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Past, present, and future tenses.

Also, most of the great players have moved on. A lot happens to people in 8 years. All of those great players have families and/or careers and all of those 12 year old's we used to hate grouping with are now old enough to have time to raid...and boy they're still bad.

I would love to have time to seriously raid but getting the old crew together with time off from work and time away from families is hard even with 10 people. I have no idea how we used to do it with 40 people 4 nights a week for 4-5 hours. Now I can barely fit in L4R, dailies, and some daily pet masters for power-leveling pets into a night. Mix that in with D3 Ubers and Alkaizer runs and there isn't a place for serious raiding.
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12/10/2012 02:30 PMPosted by Chnife
To nowadays where hardly anyone credible still exist.

trade chat flood control killed any personality people on wow could develop on a server

now you can only be known in your guild
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90 Night Elf Warrior
Well in your guild & who you raid with commonly are where you build your reputations these days. I actually love some good history dialogue. I actually kinda look forward to this.
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90 Human Hunter
First story is up! Check it out and feel free to add input on what you were doing at the time period of the story...
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