Theory of why we die and come back to life.

I think in the world of wow creatures must have a really high regeneration. When you are hit to hard in wow you are momentarily dead and the spirit is shocked by the impact and retreats to the nearest graveyard.

Somehow the spirit realizes the body is still alive and runs back to it as fast as it can.

This process happens over and over. It's the cycle of life in the game. Nothing can ever really die.

What's nice about it is there is no grief with death. Only a feeling of anger or frustration because of the repair cost and the annoyance of having to run back to your body.

I think the frustration is there because time is wasted.
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It's a game. If you stayed dead when you died, people would get sick of making a new character every time a healer goes AFK without saying anything, or a tank gets to over confident in their abilities. Their is no deeper meaning in this. A deeper meaning to wow could be to adoption of a multi-verse where there are many different "realms" of the same confined universe in which you could find yourself as a hunter, or a mage, or a warrior. But each is not truly your original "person" or character. The ability to travel among the multi-verse by the "god's" of the Warcraft Multi-verse IE: blizzard staff, and their automated services such as realm transfer would be heralded as the greatest discovery of life in the entire multi-verse. If something happens and your universe collapses, you have the ability to travel to different and parallel universes. It mimics what today's science believes to be true, and how we aspire to one day be able to travel among the 13 dimensions of the working multi-verse.
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We all can't be Time-lords, Apollo.
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Wow gods did everything.

Just dismiss science, the WoW gods did it.
Just like real life. Wasn't physics yo, it was god.
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