holy paladin cooldowns

Wondering about suggestions on when to use my cooldowns, and should I use them together? I can do most fights without popping a cooldown and do just fine. But I feel like I am gimping my healing capability. I am using PvP 4piece and divine purpose. I am good at using devotion and hands.. its the other 3 I am fairly iffy with
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Generally I wouldn't use them together.

When you use them depends mostly on the fight. Take fights like Feng, Vizier or Spirit Kings. In each case the periods of heavy damage are more frequent than the 3 minute cooldown on Favour / Wings, so you might consider rotating the cooldowns so you're always using one at those times.
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There is a lot that can go into cooldown usage on fights. On heavy healing fights healers can switch off big cooldowns to heal through such dmg. But the simplest way is to just use cooldowns during spikes for fights and how they will be relevant during that spike if your group doesn't have or need that much communication.

I've used GoAK in situations where I only had 3 or 4 people standing around the main heal target since the splash will be effective there. But in situations where the group is completely stacked (Imperial Vizier) I find DF much better with HR spam. But if your looking to top meters or if your struggling to keep people up you should be making sure to rotate cooldowns as much as possible. I find Fortexorcist a extremely good addon for cooldown usage.
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90 Draenei Paladin
I generally wouldn't tie them together. In fights with sustained dmg I would rotate them out, as soon as you start healing. On fights that I know will last longer than 5 mins, I usually start with GoAK --> DF--> AW.

On fights with predictable burst phases, I usually swap out Divine Purpose for Holy Avenger and then use one cd per burst. HA-->DF-->AW-->GoAK

I use Cooline Cooldowns to track mine as its very lightweight and has proved quite efficient.
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The only time I stacked CD's is when we were pushing for what looked to be a first kill. Other than that, I used this rule of thumb;

Length of fight for your raid vs. CD timers. If you used them all as much as you could have based on those things, you are 80% correct. The other 20% is refinement as to when are the best times for each, and that comes with experience.

Note that this refinement, which is partly based on your raid/healing comp, might push you out of using one or two of them as much as you could have. There is nothing wrong with this, though some might (incorrectly) say otherwise.

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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I stacked them in DS but not in this tier.
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