PvP healing Nerfed again!

90 Pandaren Monk
A very geared DPS, should be able to solo an average geared Healer, yet that's not the case.

Equally geared players....2 dps should kill one healer, plain and simple...and again, doesn't seem the case.

NERF those healers...it's out of control.
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90 Worgen Hunter

I wonder when people will realize that "didn't do something" and "couldn't do something" aren't even remotely the same thing. I've never done MC on my 85 Shaman. Am I incapable of it?

The fact that people like you are trying to talk about game balance yet can't even break the bare minimum of rated PvP is extraordinarily laughable. Maybe if you, and the people whining about healers being "OP", were actually competent then we wouldn't need another 15% nerf to PvP power. However, I am clearly expecting too much from 1200 bracket pros and LFR heroes.

You're aware that you've never had an RBG rating as high as mine, however low mine may be, right? You've only ever done 2s, which Blizzard openly admits they don't balanace for.

What in the world are you on?

And again, haven't done/can't do are different. Tremendously different.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
Nerf dem healers...they are too OP...and cry LOS too much, when they fail.

I never see healers do anything other then complain.


Get some balance back into the game.
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90 Gnome Mage
Yep I will be hangin up my Disco bunny and Resto druid and back to my mage until things get fix'd..

being completely locked down unable to do anything Do to the over abundance of CC simply annoys me.

Burst dmg is out of control. Healers are suppost to beable to survive to a point until help comes. Healing is crazy yes.. Needs to be toned down. But Why in the world would Blizz mess with healing first and not the burst. Yep I play a mage as my main but I truely love my Disc priest. Always have.

But until healing or burst is fix'd I guess I can stop gearing my priest and focus back on my mage. Sigh

Healers are not ment to be in the front line.. We are ment to be in the back and force you to go through our front line to get us or sneak past and get us.. Only crazy/non smart healers go upfront where they can be reached by the enemy to be killed..
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
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90 Draenei Shaman
Even after this nerf people will still be complaining about not being able to kill a healer.
Blizz healing is fine. However you have an incredible amount of bad players that cry cause they can't figure out how to kill or even nullify a healer. A extra15% blanket nerf is bad. What ever shred of disc priest there were kiss em bye bye, See ya guys next xpac probably.

I agree certain spells are to strong. Fix the spells.
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90 Pandaren Rogue
And? PvP heals are just out of control still. It is one thing in the game that directly scales well without PvP power and there was a Q&A on MMO Champion where GC states the development team doesn't believe you should have to CC stun a healer into oblivion to score a kill. You shouldn't need a group of people to kill ONE person.

It's true lol, healers shouldn't be like tanks in the sense that it takes a good few dps to kill one.

especially holy pallys, i really hate getting 3s comp with those. they never want to die and when you do get them low they bubble and run around healing themselves even with you hitting them hard.
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90 Undead Warlock
My /violin is running out of fuel from all these wonderful threads.
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90 Gnome Warlock
Aren't healers the real "Tanks" in PvP? They should have high resilience akin to avoidance of tanks?

I'm not really a PvPer (I do random bgs here and there) but admit downing a Holy Pally is a real pain. So I'm curious. IMO, they shouldn't be easy to kill by mere dpsing them, it should be spell locks, cc and managing to OOM them.

The number of healers in bgs though are beginning to dwindle. There's only one healer in our WSG awhile ago. The other group has a dudu, shammy and holy pally. The group PvPed in the middle. The only good thing was it didn't take long.
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1 Blood Elf Paladin
It should not take more than 1 person to kill a healer, however, now with all the CC and self heals DPS have, healers automatically lose 1 v 1 against these same classes, and that is also not right.

Have you missed the point where even Blizz has said they don't want healers to be easy to kill 1v1?? What would be the point and why on earth would anyone want to heal if 1 healer could easily be taken out with no assistance??? I think you're forgetting about roles. Dps are supposed to damage something and throw out some cc's if they've got them, or interrupt. Healers... are supposed to *gasp* heal / keep people alive!!!

Now, if a healer could manage to heal themselves AND KILL whatever dps was trying to kill them, that would be totally OP.

I nearly got globaled on my monk in a bg. She's in full pvp gear (pretty much no one at this time had full purples). This warrior comes in, herioc leaps on me for about 100k, got hit by some attack for about 70k, and then another 170kish hit and I was dead. There was NOTHING I could do. Perhaps had I seen the warrior coming yes, but it was at BS in Arathi and the entire place was in full chaos. Regardless, I should not have gotten hit for THAT MUCH in THAT SHORT of a period of time. Burst and CC are out of control right now, and imo, burst, cc, and healing should have all been brought together at the same time instead of nerfing the healers first and allow burst and cc to remain so out of control.

I'll say again...

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90 Human Priest
As a Holy Priest in PvP, I'm angry.

I'll reconsider in the next few days if I will continue to do PvP since I don't have any desire to switch to shadow.
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90 Tauren Druid
And? PvP heals are just out of control still. It is one thing in the game that directly scales well without PvP power and there was a Q&A on MMO Champion where GC states the development team doesn't believe you should have to CC stun a healer into oblivion to score a kill. You shouldn't need a group of people to kill ONE person.

Unless they're the tank in FC
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I get wrecked, even with all my CDs popped. The string of CCs render me incapable of healing myself enough to stay alive for long.

I am building a ret spec, as I don't think holy is much fun in PvP anymore, considering I'm stunned, silenced, or feared for 99% of battlegrounds.
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78 Night Elf Mage
I think we're in an agreement.
Things are a bit /silly/ at the moment.
I do agree, though, (stunlocks and chain cc aside..)healers are a bit out of whack. But you can't nerf heals to the extent that they aren't useful. And you can't buff dps to the point of OPness against other classes.
There's a happy medium, somewhere.
It just hasn't been found yet. >_<
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78 Night Elf Mage
OH. And might I add:
Fears, stuns, silences, and ccs are just silly right now. Pvp shouldn't be 'who can be locked out long enough to be killed'.
Really puts a damper on my horde slaying spirits. QQ.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
NERF Healers..way to OP...seriously, game is super out of balance for pvp.
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