Hello Ner'zhul!!

A group of friends and I decided to come back to the game and we all faction changed and transfered here to raid with a group of old friends, and some guildies from a previous guild, however unfortunately that did not work out, so we are here to start our own guild and grown within the ranks of Ner'zhul!

Currently we are trying to establish a fun guild with lots of active players to play with and do things such as Raid/PVP/Quest and just sit around and chill with, we are looking to recruit for a core group of raiders, some pvpers and even casual players!

Unfortunately being a new guild we are currently rank 1, however that will not stay like that for long! especially not with your help!

We currently have a core group of about 6 raiders who have been raiding since Vanilla up to Naxx, Everything in BC, LOTLK, and Cata, We are looking to recruit a couple more for a Core 10M raiding group. we currently are in need of
1 Tank, - Any class but Prot Paladin
1 Healer/DPS Hybrid,
and 4 DPS.
Our raid times will be Tuesday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday + Sunday night for clean up, 10PM Server time - 1AM Server time. Due to the holidays our first raid will not take place until January 8th.

We are also recruiting a group of Pvpers who would like to eventually run RBG and Arenas with! Everyone is welcomed!

and Last but not least any Casual players who would like to have people to do things with and just some fun knowledgeable people to talk to, this guild could be for you!

We will invite EVERYONE as a Casual, or PVPer, however for Raiders we will need to speak to you first about your experience, setup, gear, etc.

Please PM: Notes, Feiled, Albynonurse, or Marikyo for an invite, please specify what roll you would like to be in the guild.

Thank you so much for your time.
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