My Guild And Raiding *Help*!

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I am currently in a guild which has 3 raid teams lets just call them RT 1 RT 2 and RT 3 we have a very big problem which is people showing up basically how our guild works is you want to raid and you are put into a team now RT 1 Raids Friday & Sundays RT 2 Raids Saturdays & Mondays and finally RT3 (My Raid Team) Raids Tuesday Thursdays. The problem goes like this RT3 tries to raid first in week we are a healer and 3 Dps short(We are on a low pop server with horde outnumbered 25:1 for only lvl 90s According to Warcraft Census) we have no one in guild who is high enough ilvl we know Skill>Ilvl but when you have neither we don't have much to work with. Thus Forth RT 3 Simply does not get to raid on a a weekly basis, Rt2 Will end up taking some of RT3 members since they have no lock out and RT 1 Too RT1 Has cleared 2/6MV with 5 Members from RT3 and RT2 1/6 and our guild is bad mouthed a lot on trade for not having cleared 1/6 on all three teams, so we need help. Should we stop running 3 teams and run 1 really team and a second team to train and have people work towards being in the 1st team should we continue on like this because i feel like our current model is not working any opinions would be appreciated and please just leave or anything of the sorts Thanks
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You have too many raids for the lack of dedication people have to the groups. RT3 doesn't have enough people and you don't raid. RT1 and 2 don't have enough people but are able to pull from RT3 because that raid has all ready passed for the week. If RT3 started getting locked regularly then the other raids would not have enough people.

Why are people not showing up? If it is a lack of commitment then you should probably look at putting someone in that spot that is willing to commit.
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If RT3 is calling itself a team, then it's members should not be raiding with RT1 or 2. Likewise, RT1 should not poach from 2 and/or 3. And, since you are raiding first in the week, why haven't your tried poaching from them? Just curious, I'm not recommending it.

So 1) don't have more teams than your guild can sustain. 2) Progression does not happen if the basic rules (attendance, ilevel, knowing class/role/fight) are not enforced.

Better for team 3 to work lower content (MV) or help each other gear if MV is too high, and REFUSE to be pulled into the other teams. That is, if you want to stay together as a team.

If you utterly cannot maintain the integrity of 3 teams drop to 2 or 1. If you utterly cannot force 100% of the 9 who sign up to be prepared, switch to a "drop-in" raid on an easy weekend night, and 15 mins before raid start pugging to replace those who haven't logged in yet. Once you start pugging, it's too late for late-arriving guildies to attend. A drop-in team can serve as a feeder raid for the main team, which is why it raids on the weekend.
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The answer "you have too many raid teams" seems pretty obvious. I assume r3 isn't taking ppl from the other 2 because those other people cannot meet the raid times r3 is set for.

Pick 1 raid team, maybe 2. Pick times when you know people can be on, and make attendance mandatory for keeping the spot in the weeks following.

Don't not raid. Take pugs, take lower iLevel people, and make it happen. Even if it ends up just being a night of practice.
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Are your raid teams set up only due to scheduling? That's what it seems like, because I can't find any rationale for setting up raid teams that don't have the number of raiders to fill in the teams.

If you're in a position where one raid group is consistently full of people, making scheduled appearances in front of the boss, etc, there's no reason to pretend to have another group just because half a dozen folks are left out. Rotate people in, unless you actually have the staff to fill out a full team consistently.
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12/13/2012 07:32 AMPosted by Dûke
basically how our guild works is you want to raid and you are put into a team

I literally shuddered at this. Throwing any random person who "wants to raid" onto a team is... well... bad. You have three teams (in theory) but you obviously don't have 30 raiders. (And I'm being generous. With very, very few exceptions, you need more than 10 people to field a 10-man team.) If you have a significant number of people (24+) who want to raid and are actually capable of reliably showing up, then talk to them, figure out which days and times will work for all of your raiders and schedule raids accordingly. I'd also strongly advise dropping a raid team entirely since you aren't, or can't, support three active teams within your guild.

My guild supports two active raid teams and has since Cataclysm. It works for us and it works extremely well. But we - and other guilds like us - are the exception to the rule. Multiple raid teams within the same guild don't usually work. So while I'd really like to tell you to drop to two and see how that works, the reality is, it probably won't. You'd be better off dropping two teams entirely, and focusing your efforts on the one team that can support and maintain its roster. And for the love of Thorim, NEVER, EVER, EVER use players from other teams to fill your raid group on any given night. Don't do that. EVER. No, seriously, don't do it. Alts are fine, but not main raiders. Just don't.
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12/13/2012 11:36 AMPosted by Solaeris
Multiple raid teams within the same guild don't usually work.

This for sure. For all sorts of reasons:

Progression variances. If team one is still struggling with Elegon, but team two can farm through MSV on night one and is halfway through HoF, the folks on team one are going to start feeling like the redheaded stepchild and will start clamoring to get on the varsity team.

Unlucky loot. It hurts bad enough to see someone in a different guild standing around Halfhill with that sweet weapon you've been begging to have drop, but it's a whole different level of hurt when it's someone from the other raid team in your guild rocking that weapon.

Raid Leader styles. Say team one always starts up right on time, but team two lollygags around for 45 mintues before starting. Or the RL for team two passes out free flasks and always makes sure that there's a banquet down, while team one expects everyone to provide their own consumables. That's going to create envy.

Member poaching.
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