-30% Healing Debuff:

1 Troll Rogue
Healing random bgs has always been hit or miss... you get peels once every blue moon, and those are usually wins.

Currently, I can eat 15 to 847 interrupts, stuns, cc's and where before, I had small windows of healing, now those windows are ineffective.

So as a healer, we can't kill anyone, are always focus fired, the difference now is, we can't heal very well.

I'm pretty much baffled.
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Not to mention we get 50% less PVP power than DPS. And now a 30% nerf? Geez, these heals are hitting as hard as a wet paper bag.
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1 Troll Rogue
Congratulations, Developers.

You've made windowlicker dps's job even easier.
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Its not a -15%... its more then that.

100% heal
-15% Debuff = 85% heal, it was a -15% of what we had.

85% Heal = what we have now
-15% Debuff = 70%/85% = 82,35% of what we have with only 15% debuff.

So its a 17.65% nerf in fact.

That only works if you have two separate debuffs that stack multiplicatively. When a debuff's value is simply increased, it isn't the same as getting a multiplicative nerf.

As such, you're only nerfed a total of 30%, not the 32.65% you think you are.

1*0.85*0.85 is NOT equal to 1*[(1-0.15)-0.15]
Don't spread the wrong information.

/e formatting numbers is hard.

Do you even read before posting?

We are not nerfed for 32.65%, thast OBVIOUS, we are nerfed for 30%.
What i said is that:

1- When the game launched our heals healed for 100%
2- First nerf reduced our heals to 85% meaning a 15% loss from situation 1.
3- Second nerf reduced our healing to 70%, meaning a ~17,64 reduction in heal from situation 2, and a 30% reduction from situation 1.

What i said is that we are not being nerfed by 15% from what we were healing 10 days ago, we are healing 17,64% less then we were healing 10 days ago.
So, no im not wrong, and yes i know math.

You are spreading the misinformation here, and should go back and apologize for doing so.

Want math?

85/100 = 0.85
70/85 = 0,8235...
70/100 = 0.7

1-0.85 = 15% Nerf (From mop lauch to first nerf)
1-0.8235 = 17.65% Nerf (From first nerf to now)
1-0.7 = 30% Nerf (From mop lauch to now)

This math is so simple, i really fail to understand how you could miss it...
Its obvious that a 15% flat reduction over 100% is less reduction in % then a 15% flat reduction over something that is already working at 85%, and by no means it makes it more them the the addiction of both flat reductions.
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91 Dwarf Priest
Well....They made healing useless in PvP now.


Dmg is alrdy so high atm and you do this?!

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92 Blood Elf Paladin
Healer in open field = dead

Only way of surviving in BG is running away like a little !@#$% as soon as some dps class even glances at you =/

Not to mention buggy terrain in most BG where casters can attack you through rocks, etc. making it impossible to LOS them.

In current state of the game healers are absolutely no fun to play.

Blanket nerfs = lazy developers
Edited by Udachï on 12/13/2012 4:36 AM PST
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i'd like to point that trying to hide behind pillars are kind of useless too since if you even try to snipe an instant cast on your partner, you will be "blood feared" out of the pillar in open field, then die...
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90 Orc Warrior
I did some random BGs with a group of friends last night, on my resto druid, and it basically turned into a game of "protect the healer."

It's only a matter of time before RBG teams replace their healers, and start running 9 DPS / 1 FC. A healer is a liability at this point. Better to have a focused burst class on the team who can blow up the enemy team.
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36 Human Rogue
Confirmed, a good DPS in Arenas or a RBG can and will blow up a healer easily now.
A Healer is now a time delay in the death of anyone.

I won't be healing in PvP any longer.
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91 Dwarf Priest
My heals are so bad about the only thing I can do is heal myself and watch every1 die because i cant stop healing myself for a second....
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
Its the best when people do stupid emotes in BGs, because I usually don't care but after a while of my box being spammed I pop my burst macro and they drop faster then Jenna Jameson's panties.
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90 Orc Shaman
This is retarded. Its like every dps knows were vulnerable now and trains us even harder then before.
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100 Draenei Shaman
This pvp healing nerf affects Second Wind?
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90 Orc Shaman
12/13/2012 03:21 PMPosted by Shamantra
This pvp healing nerf affects Second Wind?
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