as i become less and less interested in playing wow, hearing about wow, looking at wow, and logging into wow, i find myself loving the fact that i bought almost every interesting game i saw gaben had put on sale. so i ask the humble population of the 3 people who read kul tiras forums if anyone would like to play not wow with me sometime.

my interests include long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, and racism along with vulgar humor and plenty of gay jokes. if you sound like the kind of person who would like to kill !@#$ers on borderlands 2, or shoot some zombies and carry my terrible %^- in left 4 dead 2, or just watch me troll at league of legends, hit a *!@#$ up! I am known to go by Fancyursa on both steam and LoL so send me das friend request so i can sound cool when i talk about all the friends i play games with when i come up from my parents basement