NEUROSIS is recruiting raiders for 10M Progression team Mon/Tues nights 10-12 PM.
We are looking for the following
Tank 1 Feral Druid/Prot Warrior
Tank 2 Blood DK/Prot Pally
Heals 1 Holy Pally
Heals 2 Resto Shaman
DPS Balance Druid, Affliction Warlock, Rogue (all specs considered), Arms/Fury warrior, Survival Hunter, or a Frost DK.
We are trying to make a raid composition that will provide buffs and cooldowns to benefit the team. We also prefer one member of each category (so we don't want two dks or two holy pallies!). If your class and spec is not listed, you may still be considered. Please contact me in game or e-mail me at for more details/invite.
**We are looking for nonjudgemental, friendly, mature players who are dependable