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100 Pandaren Priest
<Animosity> is a semi-hardcore 10-man raiding guild currently looking to build its bench of players in order to prepare for the next tiers of raiding with MoP. We currently have a bench of 11 and with the natural attrition that occurs throughout expansions, we want to ensure we are prepared to have people there for when we need to "pass the torch."

We have been around since Wrath of the Lich King and our current raid group has been raiding consecutively since Firelands tier. Most of us are old school vanilla Doomhammer players as well.

6/6 Normal MSV
6/6 Normal HoF
3/4 Normal Terrace

Previous Progress:
Firelands Tier: 6/7 Heroics - completed 7/7 during DS tier
Dragon Soul: 8/8 Heroics - completed Heroic Madness in July

Mandatory Raid Days/Times:
-Sunday: 6pm - 9pm MST (Server)
-Monday: 6pm - 9pm MST (Server)

Optional Raid Days/Times:
-Tuesday: 7pm-whenever - Group LFR, Sha, whatever
-Friday: 7pm-10pm MST (Server) - Alt raid, we take mains if they cannot make sun or mon as well as the more casual/time constrained raiders.

Raid Environment & Culture
Since we raid 2 days a week, our raiding team is very much invested in not wasting time, being ready to pull on time, and not wasting attempts. With that being said, we have the following standards:
-Show up to raid on time, even if you are sitting for a few bosses
-Be ready to swap in and out in order to maximize gear drops for certain bosses
-Be fully repaired/gemmed/geared with any items that were upgraded recently.
-Take criticism constructively.
-Inform Chantelle when you are not going to make a raid AHEAD OF TIME. If you cannot make a raid, I need to plan ahead on who our roster is going to be for certain bosses.
-Play your class/role to the best of your ability.
-And most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Before you think you start taking interest in us thinking we're straight arrows and stay serious 100% of the time, read the below:

We have a very unique culture in our guild. As most of the players who have played with me know, I and most of our raid team is extremely "Open" for a lack of better words. Let me give a few examples:
-We make a lot of jokes, mostly during raids. Most of these jokes are inappropriate for an audience under age.
-Sometimes in the middle of the raid, I'll start making raid calls in a different ethnic accent.
-We get very suggestive with each other in raid. I tend to hit on other men in the guild. Don't let that scare you, I'm married and am very straight...questionably...

Simply put, we have fun. But in order to have fun, we play hard.
-We do not have fun wiping to stupid stuff.
-We do not have fun wiping because people can't learn simple mechanics within a reasonable amount of pulls
-We do not have fun when there are people in the raid ruining our vibe/fun by being too serious at times when we are joking around.

If this guild sounds like a good fit for you, continue reading

If you are interested in joining our raid team, please contact Chantelle#1126 on Doomhammer. We do not have an application form, as I feel it's best to feel out a player by looking at raiding history, challenge mode history, and guild history.

I am looking to fill the following positions by the end of December:
-1 Healer with a strong DPS spec: Monk or Druid
-1 Tank with a strong DPS spec: Deathknight preferred
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100 Pandaren Priest
Just a quick update, the tanking position has been filled in the meantime while I have a recruit in evaluation period.

I am still looking for a healer.

Also, if anyone is interested in Friday raids, please let me know. We sometimes have issues filling the friday alt raid and I would like to have a more consistent and reliable roster of players.
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100 Pandaren Priest
12/19 Update, I am interested in getting a Blood DK on our raiding team. I am still also looking for another healer.
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