Will of emperor, help with tank healing.

Wow, surprised by the amount of posts. xD
Thanks a ton for all the help, hopefully tomorrow I can head into heart of fear (and I can actually get better gear woo!).
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90 Night Elf Druid
Curious as to why your assigning healers like you are. Your resto druid can definitely be rolling lb/rejuv on one tank and rejuv on the other. Certainly helps with fights with constant tank damage such as this. Are your tanks standing too far apart to be able to do that? I think ultimately it will all come down to CD management and coordination.

There's a log you can take a look at. I believe it was a 9 man due to someone having to log right before. I was kinda messing around and not taking it serious so my harmony/lb up time wasn't perfect.


Good luck

Edit: What I mean to say in your longest attempt the up time of your druids rejuv could be higher on the other tank he isn't focusing, using pw:s on cd for each tank would help as well. It appears from the logs you were tunnel healing each tank...not necessarily bad but for a druid at least maintaining hots of two tanks should be second nature.
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90 Human Priest
We three healed it personally and got it on our third try. Holy pally on one tank and a resto shaman on the other. Our Pally tank is still rather undergeared (poor thing because she just can't seem to get anything to drop for her) so she was taking alot of spike damage. I went disc instead of holy and smite healed the adds. This turned out great because attonment would catch all of the little piddly damage that came because of rages or strengths. Being the third healer might also be a good idea if you have alot of melee dps. They don't get as much time to practice at the "dance" and so might end up becoming dangerously low during titan gas.

When it comes to three healing or two healing this fight i would first look at your raid comp. Not the composition of the classes but how many healers you actually plan for. If your swing person is a MS healer/OS dps then go ahead and three heal it. If your swing person is a MS dps/OS healer go ahead and two heal it. Its not a hard enough fight that you should feel preasured one way or the other. If you need to two heal then your dps is either undergeared or might need more time to learn the fight.

On another note, I am not sure if anyone else has actually tried doing "the dance" but it is not as easy as it sounds so if your tanks are taking alot of hits, give them a chance. It is alot harder than it sounds/looks and takes practice. In fact if your tank only gets hit six times in a 10 minute fight i would personally call it a win. Next time you go into raid finder try healing while standing next to one of the bosses (heck even if you go in as dps then try it). You even get the extra action button as a healer. I managed to get it on my hunter as well.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I 3 healed this fight when we originally completed it because of tanking issues among other things, it's viable and definitely an idea if you continue to have issues. however, you should be fine 2 healing if the tanks figure out how to dodge.

What you are doing sounds right, just make sure to penance whenever off cd. I typically use barrier as another tank cd if I feel we may need it (tank fails), the damage during gas phase isn't significant enough to worry about and when tank CDs are rolling I SS the tanks and raid at that time as well (good the make use of it on the tanks when you can).

Loose healing assignments are good when both tanks are taking lots of damage but both you and the Druid should be able to range each tank enough to where you can bubble and hot both of them.
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1st try : Tank got hit 5 times
2nd try : 1 time
3rd try : 6 times
4th try : 2 times
Your tank got hit 14 times in the dance, it's unacceptable. It should be 0.

It ain't an healing issue, it's a tank issue.

Can someone enlighten me as to how this info was obtained. I have 1,3,1,3 for the attempts with him being hit not 5,1,6,2.
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