Hey everyone. I'm a resto shaman LF a raiding guild. I also have an 85 mage, imustangl, who raided naxx25 progression. Additionally I have an 85 palladin, Faebane, who raided Ulduar, ToC, and Deathwing 10's as both tank and heals.

I didn't play Cata too much, and am looking to get back into the raid circuit. I just hit 90 and am gearing up at breakneck speed. I'm very good with my class and enjoy learning all of the subtleties to my spec that others may overlook.

Naturally I'm not raid ready as of today, but in the past I've gotten toons raid ready in under a week. Anyways..

Im looking for a 10 or 25 man guild that raids 6-9 server, ideally. If you do not raid exactly that no problem! My only real requirement is not raiding past 9 server (midnight est). I can handle some overdrive if outside the normal schedule but I do need sleep for work. Note: I dont work mid-decemeber -> late Feb.

Please don't message me if you have a guild with only 5 raiders or anything of the like. I'm not into building a new raid team. I've tried it before and it's not my thing.

Mail / message me in game. You may post here as well, I will refresh the page from time to time.
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