Hello, Steamwheedle Cartel

60 Draenei Priest
Hello, Steamwheedle Cartel.

I'm considering a move, and you're on my list of prospective new homes. But, before I make a decision, I need to first gather some information. If you would be so kind, I would greatly appreciate your input on the following brief questionnaire.

First, what is the role-play like on your server? I'm used to a more casual and spontaneous approach, but I understand that some servers favor a more structured, guild-based approach to role-play. Some such servers could be described as "cliquey" in a sense. Also, when I say spontaneous, I mean that I'm used to standing around in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and striking up a conversation in character with a perfect stranger - I'm not talking about "out in the world" RP.

Second, is your server "well rounded?" Do you focus primarily on role-play, PVP, raiding, or a combination of the three? I enjoy raiding and PVP as much as I enjoy role-playing. If I can find a server that somehow manages to balance even two, I'd be elated.

Last, just to provide you with some context, let me tell you a few things about myself.

As I had said, I'm mostly casual in my approach to role-play. That being said, I have years of experience over a multitude of outlets, and I know the ins and outs. I tend to prefer role-playing within the confines of the Warcraft continuity, but, again, that being said, I'm not a Lore stickler. If I find someone utilizing a form or theme I dislike, I'm more apt to simply let them know I'm not interested in playing and move on my merry way - I'm anything but confrontational when it comes to role-play.

On the raiding and PVP side, I'd describe myself as competent. I've dabbled in arenas with minimal success, but I haven't really committed myself to that venture yet. I expect that I'll be successful once I apply myself.

I have heroic experience in a number of raids. And, although I don't want to seem pretentious, I've come to the conclusion that my greatest hinderance has been other raiders. That being said, if I am critical, I am anything but vocal. The most I ever say is always on the positive side of things - I don't want to give the impression that I'm some sort of elitist. I certainly put in the time and effort to research and min-max my performance, but I don't begrudge anyone for not living up to my standards - I understand this is just a game at the end of the day.

Well, that was a lot more long-winded than I had originally intended, but if you've made it this far, I thank you. If you can stand another minute or two to answer my questions, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you again for your time and patience.
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90 Human Monk
Finding a new server to settle into can always be a challenge, and I hope I can share a helpful point of view to help you in your decision.

I have to keep myself from saying that as far as role play servers go, Steamwheedle Cartel is now one. Anytime I am about to write the server off as simply a PvE server, I will find a collection of people living out their stories just around the corner. Certainly with just a little interest you should be able to find yourself some nice acting. I would just advise avoiding the high-traffic blocks; a lot of noise to hinder creativity.

You will find a large number of raid-focused guilds on the server. A good portion of them are competitive with push for progression, but many more are relaxed and casual. I will need some help to point out the guilds that have has role playing as their priority, though it is not uncommon for event announcements to be left in this forum.

I wish you luck with your search. Hope you find what you are looking for soon.

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100 Tauren Druid
For my opinions of Steemwheedle Cartel...

I have very limited experience on the Alliance side. If you are interested in roleplay over there, I would always recommend that you speak with Syv.

On the Horde side, my impression is that the larger raiding guilds have mostly broken up with the coming of Mists. There are numerous moderately-sized raiding guilds to choose from. There are maybe one or two guilds that I would recognize as guilds that engage in PvP as a guild and not individuals. I don't know any active roleplay guilds right now, but I haven't paid particularly close attention.

I am similar to you in that I enjoy all of the aspects: raiding, PvP, alts, and roleplay. I haven't done much roleplay lately, but now that my alts are all leveled and geared, I'd like to start again.

If you're interested in Horde-side at all, I'd certainly be happy to talk to you more. Unfortunately, I'm just in tune with the Alliance enough to offer an opinion on the status of the server over there.
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90 Draenei Hunter
My reputation proceeds me...

There is some pick-up RP on the streets. Somewhat surprizing when it happens...

Our guild, The Embassy, is the Stormwind branch of the Argent Dawn. Yes, yes... I know... Crusade. The Crusade came to our headquarters behind the orphanage and changed our sign. When they left... I changed it back.

We sponsor events every once in awhile. We had a Calvinball match. The chaos suits the imaginations of roleplayers just fine. We have had a few PvP/RP gathers in Lion's Landing. Not any PvP which fits Lion's Landing well.

Do contact me if you join SwC please. A priest would be a welcome addition to the Dawn. We do have rogues and warlocks... Many are the tools of Statecraft.
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