Adventure fun pal's group 2 raiding team is recruiting raiders. We need 1 healer ( with dps off spec). We are a fun group with dedicated players but need to fill the last spot. We have defeated 5/6 in MSV , and will be beginning to work on HoF shortly. I ask that anybody interested in joining be prepared to be dedicated and consistent to 90% of all scheduled raids ; you must have moderate experience in raiding ( new content experience not required). You must also be experienced and knowledgeable with your class and role, with a minimum of item level of 465 . Must have or be prepared to use vent and dbm. Once you have proven that you will stay and be an active member of our team we provide any and all chants and gems barring the mats are out of stock (highly improbable that we won't have that mats). once you have made the dedication to our team you will be expected to make periodic donations to the GB for raid items such as flasks. Upon joining you must be prepared to join our guild. If you wish fill the available position , or have further inquiries you can message me in game or whisper my toon.

Thank you for taking the time to read this , and hope you to see as part of our raiding team soon !