Healing Nerfed, Yet Again

90 Human Warrior
12/12/2012 07:49 AMPosted by Brewsleetroy
Says the Warrior...its funny how when people express their concerns its all crying. Please go tunnel on in another topic because you obviously don't play a healer.

Played a healer to 2350 in 3's and 2450 in 2's. Certainly not top tier, but how about you?

Did you read the post? I said there still needs to be tweaking, but they are on the right track. I understand your frustration with being a monk at the moment. Work still needs to be done, but they are addressing the major issues carefully and monitoring the effects. It's pretty well accepted that burst is too high and sustained pressure is too low. The changes they made in this hotfix addressed that, and my class took a nerf as well.

Perhaps you should stop dismissing everything said by a warrior as biased and unfair because the class is on the upper end of the spectrum. In case you forgot, they have nerfed tfb twice, now to the point that it is in NO way overpowered. Avatar mobility was nerfed, gag order/pummel were nerfed. Warriors have slowly been brought to a level that is much closer to where they need to be, and I'm sure blizz will continue to tweak them as they feel is needed.

I suppose your next thought will be "Ok, they have nerfed warrior burst a little, but lets nerf it a little more. Also, lets nerf defensive stance, and then nerf second wind. Finally, let's nerf shockwave. While you're doing that, buff my healing. Warriors will be fine when I can effortlessly heal their sustained damage while staying at full mana, and whenever they pop all their cooldowns my team can keep them controlled completely".
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90 Pandaren Monk
12/12/2012 08:33 AMPosted by Dummyslash
Played a healer to 2350 in 3's and 2450 in 2's.

I played a healer at 2400...see what I did there...gives me credibility cause I said it.

To further comment on your post would give you a legitimate argument which you don't have.

Thanks for trying!!!
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As a healer, I think this change is awesome and long overdue.

I am so sick of 20 minute stalemates, where healers can still put out sufficient healing with 0-5% mana.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I haven't arena'd on my healer since the nerf, so I can't say, but in BGs i'm getting my !@# kicked.

This nerf probably balances well for arenas, but it seems to kick our asses in larger scale pvp.

wondering how it will play out in higher level RBGs
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90 Human Warrior
I played a healer at 2400...see what I did there...gives me credibility cause I said it.

To further comment on your post would give you a legitimate argument which you don't have.

Thanks for trying!!!

Except when I look at your achievements, 1550 is your highest one. And if you looked at mine you'd see 2200 in both of the brackets I mentioned, which is higher than I've gotten on this character (you can see that in statistics by the way), suggesting that they were achieved with a different class.

Perhaps it is you who should try a little harder if you're just going to make idiotic assumptions that can be disproved in a matter of seconds.
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100 Human Warlock
12/12/2012 07:31 AMPosted by Dummyslash
So much crying still, when they are clearly taking steps in the right direction.

How long after the expansion came out? Isn't all this changing is what the PTR is for?
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90 Human Paladin
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54 Tauren Monk
This healing debuff really sucks, fully geared healers getting taken out by two newly dinged dps classes in bg's. Please increase resil or make the healing dbuff not as strong.
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90 Goblin Shaman
So much crying still, when they are clearly taking steps in the right direction.

Every healer whine thread states that this is so crippling because of all the insane burst that gets thrown around. Are you not reading any of the other changes? Demo lock stupid double chaos wave: gone. Warrior 5 stack tfb: gone. Warrior 3 stack tfb: gone. Mage undispellable frost bomb/fire blast shatter: gone. And earlier than that, BM Hunter burst: gone.

I'm not saying that more tweaking doesn't need to be done, and I'm in the "less burst, more sustained damage" boat. The trinket change helped that, and indirectly, so did this healing nerf. With all of the burst reduction they are doing, they needed to lower the amount of healing. Taking a look at some of the cc's will help as well, which I'm sure they are doing.

They are making small, constant changes and monitoring the effects, which in my opinion is an effective way to balance. I swear, if half of you healers posting had it your way there would be no burst, no cc, and no healing debuff. You must want every game to be a 25 minute draw where nobody drops below 70% because you can counter every offensive cooldown easily with a defensive one while sitting at full mana the whole time.

it is a step in the right direction, but there are 2 problems still:

1-burst is still too high from a few classes that can cooldown stack, and nerfing healing makes it almost impossible to live through half the time

2-the healing nerf was aimed more at paladins and shamans, because people were complaining they keep topping people off in 1 big heal and never running out of mana. while that is true, the nerf didnt affect us at all. whether i greater healing wave for 300k or 250k doesnt matter, ill still top someone off. the healers it really nerfed hard are the ones that didnt need a nerf. the real problem with shamans is mastery
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100 Dwarf Shaman
Make it only apply to arena.

Keep RBG and Random Bgs the same, mana was an issue in those two.
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90 Undead Warlock
12/15/2012 05:47 AMPosted by Callmemaybe
the real problem with shamans is mastery

completely agree on that. now i havnt played my shaman to 2k or anything but i do know that the mastery is the main problem with shaman's. for holy pally's i have no idea how they would be fixed for healing besides some blanket nerfs to thier healing specificly. if blizz would of made mastery scale less for RESTO shaman's then that wouldnt be bad.
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