How do I grow my guild?

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I want to turn my guild into a fun raiding guild. Not one of those elitest guild that makes raiding work. So I made a thread on the Guild forum page and saw that alot of the threads had multiple pages so I thought "Man my thread should get alot of traffic and hopefully the guild will grow to a good raiding guild!" But then I noticed...

All the threads were just bumped over and over and over and OVER!!! Almost none of them got any traffic aside from the OP.

I am on a low popultion server and was wondering how do I get my guild to grow to be a good raiding guild? I don't want to realm transfer because I like the people on my realm and I like the small town feel of my realm. I know who are the nice people and who will just troll you. I know who will be happy to help and who will sluff you off and I don't want to move to a new realm and lose that. So how can I get my guild noticed and get people to join?
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It sounds like your realm has almost as many guilds as it has players.
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Your guild needs to actually do things if you want people to be interested - if you want to be a raiding guild, you need to be running raids. Since you don't have enough members for a raid, PUG for whatever slots you can't fill on your own. Once you have some raid success, start trying to get the PUG into your guild, and grow from there.

If you aren't raiding, it would be stupid for people who want to raid to join your guild.
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When Blizzard made perks for guild they screwed the little guild out of many opportunities to grow. What Blizzard should have done is make special perks for low level guilds so that they would have a chance to get and keep members. Kind of like the US economy, the rich get richer and the poor man........
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Pachyderm has great advice.

I started off with 5 close friends, so there were six of us. We then merged into another guild which then gave us 2 more people in our raid team.

12/18/2012 04:47 AMPosted by Pachyderm
I would advise to never invite people by using Trade Chat. This is usually guild suicide. Generally the people that get invited through Trade Chat are just looking to leech perks or they won't be as invested as other recruits.

This can be both good or bad. My guild leader recruits in trade frequently and while we've gotten a fair amount of questionable people who take a look around and leave the next day, we've gotten some gold too. Don't spam all the time, but once a day doesn't hurt.

For the last 2 spots, use your friend's list most definitely, but you want a permanent member if your friends are all tied up in other guilds. In that case, trade is where you have to go. That is how I filled the last 2 spots in my raid and through them and their friends, like 20 more people into the guild. Trade can be a snowball effect for good.

Tips with trade--don't wait till raid time or even raid day. If I know someone can't make raid and no one on my friend's list or guild can make it or is saved (casualty of running Sun/Mon raids), then I'm in trade Friday or Saturday looking. When I've had a tank leave (and tanks are definitely my redshirt this tier, when last was that 1 healer spot), then I've gone to trade and used the "Core raid team looking for 1 tank. Raid Sun/Mon 8-10:30. Stable competent group! Pst for more info" and I've gotten tons of bites within 30 minutes. And I'm on a relatively quiet low progressed server.

Tanks I've gotten in trade so far have NOT worked out sadly (why does no one read my date and times? I am so clear on it) but it's always been enough to get us through raid and keep it going at least for that one night and while it didn't work out, I've made new friends and connections on servers and they were thankful for gear and experience. Thank goodness an old buddy of mine came back and now I'm set on tanks. However, you do have to plan and be flexible. If someone has a dinner party or event, then I poll folks and we switch our raids to Wed/Sun or something. People have always been cheerful about it (so far) because 1) make it clear if people can't swap, then raid goes on as planned and 2) folks know their turn will come and people will rearrange times for them.

Luckily everyone is really really good about telling me their availability or at least calling or texting me a few hours prior to tell me "Stuck at work! Wah can't come" or "Child broke foot! In emergency room waiting now" where I can start spamming trade early.

It also helps to pay attention to trade. See someone frequently in trade "Holy pally LF fresh MV!" then whisper them. "We're not raiding now but our raid is tomorrow at 8. Are you free?" You can probably fill 2-3 spots just by watching trade and approaching people for future runs. Caveats to this are:

1) Armory these people first. If there are lots of warning flags like no LFR or lots of greens, just let it be.

2) Armory is a two way street. If you are recruiting for your guild or LFM for a raid, make sure the character you are posting on is PRISTINE. I saw an enemy the other day LFM and had immediate whispers from some in my friend's list ragging on their gear. The rare times I idly PUG in a group, I always inspect the person before whispering since it can be an indicator of how the raid can go.

3) If you make a promise to someone fulfill it. If you promise a PUG or someone in trade they have a spot in your raid, and Mr. Unreliable Guildie shows up at last minute after saying they couldn't come and never sign up etc., take the PUG. You made a promise and promise like that is stronger than guild ties.
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