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90 Human Warrior
I met an incredible RPer today on Kirin Tor, and him and I have come to the conclusion it's hard to RP with one another without having the ability to see MRP or TRP2 profiles, so this thread is for anyone on Argent Dawn and Kirin Tor to copy and paste their RP profiles!

Can we get a sticky up in here?
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90 Human Warrior
Name: Robin Greye Agalladorn

Eye color: Green

Height/weight: 5'11, 197 lbs.

Age: 43


Robin Agalladorn stood near six feet tall, far from being a towering behemoth as some may be in Azeroth. He is rather lean and quite toned in body type, having a balanced amount of muscle spread across his whole body. He is in a quite well kept state of body, most especially in his age. He is well tanned, as is most people in Azeroth as time spent outdoors working is quite frequent for all types. He was quite scarred along his whole being, taking form in abrasive patches of skin from burns where the skin tissue may be both light and unusually darker, to various sized slices and puncture wounds.

The hair that droops down in it's straight, thin manner over his ears and down to his eyebrows is rather frizzy in manner, the hair itself starting to gain a graying look, giving his hair a salt-and-pepper color amongst the black and gray. Matching such hair, he has a thin beard covering from his sideburns to over his chin and mouth, uncared for and graying in itself, having the same colored effect as his hair.

Underneath the quite normal sized forehead and beneath his angled eyebrows laid his deep set, green eyes with never ending dark, purplish bags and lines underneath them. His cheek bones are prominent in his thin features, being quite sharp underneath his eyes in comparison to his gaunt cheeks. His nose is quite thin and straight itself, coming down in a small slope and simply cutting off sharply. His mouth is thin lipped and without much color, and with such his jawline came and ended up with a long, thin, rounded chin underneath his mouth. His face is lined with wrinkles on his forehead, to the corners of his mouth, albeit covered by his thin beard, but especially so under and to the sides of his eyes.

( Visual reference thanks to Feloraea: http://i47.tinypic.com/befnvd.png )
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Name: Feloraea the Intrepid

Eye Color: White

Height: 6'3"

Age: Approximately 500 years old


Feloraea's hair reaches all the way down to her calves. It's tied in a very small pony-tail near the bottom. A woven flower rests among a few locks of her hair near her right ear.

A somewhat large, brightly-polished locket is looped around Feloraea's neck and attached firmly to her armor such that it does not swing noisily.

Feloraea's caravan is led by her hippogryph. The caravan itself is very small; the door doesn't even look large enough to accommodate her size. Lately, she hasn't been travelling with her caravan around.
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90 Human Death Knight
FILE NUMBER: 707 --- Ebon hold access code 475398. [[ granted ]] . . .

Name: Dandez - Ghost of the Mist-

Race: Hybrid Human Death Knight

Eye Color: Crystal Frost Blue

Age: [[ Unknown to record ]]

Height: 5'10

Appearance: Being a formal survivor from war, Dandez likes to outfit and prepare himself with the essentials for any kind of situation. He wears a unusually strong leather armor plate made from state of the art death knight technology. A runic mateieral crafted by Doctor Vonloff himself. His armor is designed to take most impacts from arrows, bullets, arcane bolts, medium blasts of light energy and will stop a razor sharp knife in its tracks. ( machine washable, and stain resistant. )
Dandez is noted for wearing a frost white hat. His bracers hide extendable wrist blades and nasty steel thin string whip for cutting and lashing out at farther targets. Records indicate that Dandez is a throwing blade master and will often be seen with two or more kunai pandaren throwing blades on his leg sleeves.

Dandez was born in the wilderness of the Grizzly Hills of Northrend. When he came of age he joined the Stormwind Armed Forces and became a well renown soldier. Through out his career he survived the Blackrock campaign, The Assult on the Black Temple, and even made it out of the special unit mission on the fight for the Sunwell. It wasn't till later he had been informed that the Scourge was sweeping across his homeland that he undertook the position to join SI:7's special soldier program. Durring the last moments of the war against Arthas and after the slaughter of his father and sister, Dandez undertook the Assult on Corp' Rethar The Horror Gate, where he and 20 thousand brave souls gave there lives to get a foot hold on the Citadel.

Many many corpses were recovered off the field of defeat after the onslaught... Including Dandez's body. Most of them were discarded as chow and extra parts for the undead armies. But there were a few who we're re-animated as Death Knights. Dandez was put into Dr. Vonloffs program. A dark forsaken scientist who revolved to improve and create hybrid Death Knights for Arthas. His program was flawed, and 90% of the test subjects had failed the procedere. Dandez and 2 others were the only ones who's bodys accepted the experiment. Dandez, being re-animated into a Death Knight, became scarred emotionally by his transformation but came to peace with it later on through out the years.

With no family or understanding his puprose in the new world,Dandez later re-joined SI:7 as a Special Op Assassin Unit. Undertaking near suicidal missions, and covert assasinations on targets of interest. He became one of SI:7's legendary agents for several years after that. Not known by very many, but Dandez is the first Death Knight to have killed a Ancient Demon Spirit, accedently rather than intentionally. There he was bestowed the soul of The Spirit of Frost, who cursed him for his recklessness and arrogance.. Dandez after that carried his dark curse, subduing its uncontrollable power. Through his mentors training, he continues to balance the will of himself and the spirit of the runic Aspect inside him through meditation. Dandez resigned his position as a Black Op assassin for SI:7 shortly after his incident. He went out upon the world as a lone wolf in search for his new purpose and goal, hoping to find his calling and place.

Being on the run from a order who call themselves The Crusaders, a band of devoted paladins hell bent on exterminating what Arthas left behind. Including every death knight alive. Dandez has become a special target of interest. And the Templars will do and go to limits in order to elminate him and his new found revolution for freedom to death knights world wide.

RECIENTLY: Broadcasted top secret Templar documents to the whole city of Stormwind. And now the Templar Order remove themselves from the Kings service and abandon there position on the Alliance/Horde side. Dandez and his comrads now seek a new means to help and protect the fearfull and have established there own crew to the city.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Eh, why the hell not. Zan's a bit silly.

Zandrae Pyranor
Age: (Equivalent to a human's 32)
Height and weight: Average.
Race: Blood Elf

Physical appearance-type stuff:
Zan is for the most part a pretty boring, plain, average paladin. His most notable feature is his freckles.

He's awkward, quiet and clumsy ginger elf who seems a little bit oblivious to personal interactions and may be frequently observed staring out into space. Zan isn't quite completely all there in the head. He wears a goblin fire detector on his belt that makes an annoying sound if he's standing in fire.

Zandrae is the Blood Elf most likely to do a sudden gravity check and face-tank the floor when coming to a stop on the Red Flying Cloud mount.

On the rare occasion he's seen actually wielding the light, he appears to have strange glowing golden-white designs sprawling across his skin akin to a henna tattoo.

Find out IC! /nods
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90 Night Elf Druid
Mindina Lori'ani Riversong

Race: Kaldorei

Age: 439

Height: 6'7

Eye Color: Silvery-white

The kaldorei before you is quite tall, even for her own kind. She appears to be in her early adult years, though it's nearly impossible to tell her exact age. Her tall figure is slightly - though not very noticeably toned, almost like a runner's would be.

She pulls her long, dark hair back in a low, loose ponytail. Long, messy bangs frame and slightly conceal her face. From behind each ear sprouts a long, thin braid with a few small beads woven through it.

In her bear and nightsaber forms, her fur is the same navy as her hair, while the mane is a snowy white. As a raven, she's a deep navy, the tips of the feathers on her wings the signature white.

If her unique coloration wasn't enough, her purple elven facial tattoos are visible across all of her forms, making her easier to identify no matter what shape she's in.

Small scrapes and scars of various shapes and sizes mark her pale blue skin. The most notable of these is a slice across her right cheek, extending from her cheekbone down to her jawline, just before her chin.
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90 Worgen Rogue
Astralin Farrener

Race: Human

Age: 23


Eye Color: Blue

This man has a beard that is kept short and hair shoulder length. A trio of claw marks etch out the scar on his back along with the tell tale signs of a Worgen bite on his right shoulder blade. Both of them scars that will never heal.

Race: Worgen

Height: 6'8"

Eye Color: Azure

Like most Worgen his hair has become a tangled mane, however he keeps it as neat as the job allows. His claws are not as sharp as the daggers at his hips but, they can be just as deadly.

He can often be seen wearing a toothy smile, the hair covering his body is a nice shade of grey tinged with black in some areas, his mane let black. Near the ends of his extremities the hair fades to a lighter grey almost white on his toes.

His vest reveals a little bit of a scar on his right shoulder, a trio of claws by the looks of it tapering at the end that can be seen.

His azure eyes are possibly the most appealing trait of his face other than it's uncharacteristically soft appearance.

Backstory: Find me IC and we might have a tale to tell
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90 Human Mage
Name: kulder Draven "kul"

title:"the Bandit-mage"

Race:Half Dragon

Age:(unknown at the moment)


Eye color: dark purple

Appearance:Kulder always wears a black hat
has a dark purple tattoo on his chest of a ace and two jokers
his right arm is bandaged up underneath it is a black tribal tattoo of a dragon

has battle scars of all sizes all over his body but mainly his chest and back, nurn mark along the left side of his neck and body

History:Kulders father was know as valde'el or lord of the bandits.
His mother was a skilled SI:7 agent who's soul purpose was to assainate Kulds father, but in a weird twist they fell in love.
Kulders father kept many secrets from his as he was growing up like, his familys heratage. His father comes from a a village from the west of Azeroth who were the first ones to learn the dragons abilitys and arts. Kulders first ancestor was a half human half dragon. His ancestor was injured and nearly bled to death. He was saved by a dragon who Rumor has it feed on the dead on the battle feild. The dragon healed Kuls ancestor back on his feet for weeks. But dragons were not saposed to use their healing magics on humans. The dragon was nearing the end of his life and died shortly after healing kulds ancestor. Before he died he put his symbol(or name) Kuls ancestors chest. Every male is given a birth mark of the symbol on his chest.

Due to his family being bandits they atracted to attenting of a group called the Dragon Syjal. The dragon Syjal kill dragons for their teeth, head, and heart to gain the dragons abilities and arts. Once they learned of Kulders familys past they wanted their powered but his family refused this infuriated the leader of the Dragons Syjal. In a fit of rage and jealousy he Raped,pillaged, and destroyed all of Kulders bandit members and family. During a peiceful nagotiation the leader had devised a plan to attack Kulders family. The Dragon Syjal leader saved Kulder for last. Kulder survived the fight with a burn mark on the left side of his chest and neck. Kul took out one of the leaders eyes in the fight. Due to Kulders dragon sences he can remember someones eyes once he has glanced at them, Since his battle with the Dragon Syjal he has peered into the eyes of many in search of the killer of his family.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Alt bumping for great justice.

Name: Kemnebi

Eye Color: Green

Build: Short and thin

Age: 60s (~human 20)

From: Dawnstar Village

A short male blood elf hunter with black hair whose jaw is firmly in the closed position. He look like a young adult (equiv to human age 20). He's extremely thin in the unhealthy underweight sort of way.

He is full of funny gestures, animated facial expressions and hand signals because he doesn't appear to speak.

He can be a little bit childish, often seen holding his bow against his chest and almost hugging it. The general impression he gives off is that he's fairly harmless, frightened and mentally regressed.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
Name: Huntress "Sh'maula" Nightrunner.

Age: 10,000+

Race: Night Elf based Worgen.

Physical description: Much like a night elf, she is lithe and athletic, with a toned and muscled body.

She carries herself as a guard would-even when not on duty. Relaxation isn't a common thing for her.

Historical Description:

One of the worgen who defected from Arugal, only to be enslaved by the Lich King shorty thereafter. She holds her hertiage with pride, and does not make any effor to conceal her bestial nature-despite her once Elven origins as one of the original Elven Druids who tapped into the forbidden art.
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70 Human Warlock
((Please forgive any errors. This profile, like all of mine, tends to be a work in progress at nearly any given point of time.))

This woman is not just slim or slender, she is downright petite in terms of human anatomy. Despite being about the proper height, her arms, legs, neck, and face are all very sallow and delicate. This woman looks like she could break if the wind blew her about too roughly. Her complexion is pallid, if not sickly, but it appears she spends her time in the sun now and then. Even her eyes, an almost strange hue of emerald, look ill. One could make the guess that it is due to all the reading she does, for a book is always on her lap cracked open and taking up her attention.

Despite being pixie-esque, she appears capable of taking care of herself. Her thin shoulders normally carry a satchel full of books and other assorted materials - the contents of this seemingly never ending sack only fully understood by her. The leather is old, battered, weathered, and very loved. A set of initials seem to be stitched under the strap that hangs over her shoulder, the initials of someone's name that is not hers presumably.

Francesca's only other notable features are her red hair, combed and clean from the looks of it, and her golden hooped earrings. They seem to be almost like pirate earrings as they jingle quietly from her upper ears. It's almost a pity she is plagued by a constant cough that she blames upon childhood illnesses and a naturally sickly nature.

Although only seen sometimes by her side when wandering or during travels, Francesca has several demons she calls upon for her bidding - or her amusement.

Quznam - The eternally chatty imp she constantly threatens to have his tongue ripped out.

Juk'Nagma - The void walker who says little but tends to keep her shielded from too much injury.

Disxia - The temptress whom is ever so willing to choke anyone too close to her Warlock.

Bheezhem - The strangely puppy-minded Fel Hound that becomes a mana thirsty stalker on Francesca's command.

Lawrence - The Fel/Dread Steed, Frenchie's most beloved friend and companion. His name is strange for a demon, but Fran 'loves' him all the same. He is often ornery and like Disxia does not like anyone too close to his rider.

((Current themes that I write her to:
Stravinsky's "Firebird Suite",
Brandi Carlile's "The Story",
"Falcon in the Dive" from 'The Scarlet Pimpernel'.))
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90 Human Rogue
((Please bear in mind this was written and re-written over the course of Wrath, therefore it is a bit dated. Time skips from expansion to expansion aren't taken into account with this profile.))

((Clari's accent is guttural and graceful in its own right. Basically imagine a German or Prussian accent.))

She is slender, twitchy, and almost always has a cigarette clenched in her jaws if they are not obscured by a veil or mask. She is also 'armed to the teeth' so to speak. Like a feline or other typical alleycat, Clarimonde is flexible and sometimes just as skittish. With a set of piercing green eyes, dark raven colored locks, and a severe scowl when displeased - or when amused a cocky smirk - she overall appears hardened despite her tender 19 years.

A chain of numerous dog-tags hang around her neck with a bloodied wooden rosary, the way she constantly prays over them seems to show she is extremely devoted to some faith or some person. Her habits of smoking, drinking heavy alcohol - specifically gin - and swearing however make her far less than a saint. Let alone her hidden tendencies to lean towards minor (or in some cases, major) acts of cannibalism as either a survival or a terror tactic.

Above all of her other habits the most noticeable may be her constant twitching, something that just happens so often it's nearly impossible for her to completely stop. It's in her mouth, her fingers, her neck movements and even in how she darts her glances and glares. Overall, she appears an anxious person despite her calm or irritable attitude. When asked, she does not state much of what it is.

Sometimes, her affiliations are more obvious - a Consortium crafted blade often making an appearance or the mystical wrappings of an Ethereal peeking through under the edges of her armor. They are usually easily seen when she is posted in Outland, and even more so comfortable in the fold of Ethereals in the Stormspire. However, when those items are present - or any other sigil of the Consortium - she often tries her best to be more patient and polite for the sake of business. Tries to at least.

In a brief few sentences Clarimonde's hair is slick and greasy as if rarely washed, her paranoia levels are through the roof, her cigarette and gin habits are typical in their unhealthy ways, and her snippy attitude is obvious to anyone who even so much as glances at her. She also carries a voice with a guttural accent that demands respect and an ever trying to be dominant attitude; she seems just as hardened as any other soldier - male or female.

One can only assume what goes on in that brain of hers, ranging from morbid and depraved bestial instincts or higher thought and compassion.

((Tunes I tend to listen to to write Clari's character:

Art of War - Sabaton,
Mechwarrior 3: Pirate's Moon,
Turanic Battle Music - from the game "Homeworld".))
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90 Gnome Rogue
Character Profile
Name: Cornelius Gearspin
Eye Color: Greenish-Brown
Hair Color: Pinkish-Red
Height: Short
Weight: Bulky
Age: 101
Primary Vocation: Expert Treasure Hunter and Author
Secondary Vocation: Gnomish Engineer

Gearspin is usually seen whenever he is relaxing wearing his leisure outfit that consists of: a green vest, a white tuxedo shirt, a brown fur cloak, and a pair of creamish-brown pants.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Alt bumpage. (I have something ridiculous on my head.)

Name: Brother Tyan Sunbrand
Race: Blood Elf
From: Suncrown Village
Resides in: Silvermoon

Tall, lanky, and usually a little bit cranky, Tyan is priest of the light who appears to be middle aged.

He wears traditional priest clothing, long sleeves, robes, high shirt collars, sometimes even a hood. His hair color, white, looks odd against his darker complexion.

On the rare occasion he can be seen channeling the light, this priest gets strange golden glowing magical patterns scrolled across his skin.
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90 Human Warrior
Character Profile:

Name: Agriann Waltz
Race: Human
Birth place: Stormwind City
Current Residence: Blasted Lands
Class: Demon Hunter formerly Warrior , former title; Champion of the Light, and the Alliance
Age: Same age as Thrall (Born in the same time as Thrall.)


1) Before Becoming Demon Hunter;
Agriann had brown eyes, and hair during his years with the Alliance. He weighted on avarage 120kg with bulking muscles. Typical medium Human height with simple hair style that will not be disturbed in battle. His armor style represented Alliance both colours, and appearance. He dependent on slow movements and brute strength in combat. He used to wield two-handed claymore taller than he was representing the Light. His battle eqiupment was more fancier than your average footman.

2) After Becoming Demon Hunter;
When Agriann went to the path of the Demon Hunter which was during the years of Burning Crusade he completely gone through a make over. He lost his bulky looking muscles and dropped down to 85kgs. He is more agile, and more faster than before. He also relies on cunning. He no longer wears his former armor and weapon. His chest is naked. He has leather bracers, kilt to cower his entire legs down to feet, and he wears sandals. He also wears blindfold specially made by his mentor to see invisible demons and undead. He uses dual wield fiery demonic charged warglaives again given by his mentor through ritual. His entire body is covered with magical tattoos to enhance his arcane power.

Born into Waltz family Agriann was raised to be champion of the Light, and the Alliance. He killed many Horde during his training at younger years. His mother was a Priest; His father was a Paladin member of the Order of the Silver Hand. Agriann is the oldest of the family he has one younger sister and one younger brother. Waltz family were present at the battle of Mount Hyjal. Unfortunately the battle took it's toll on Agriann's mother and father. After the battle was over they died several weeks later. Agriann than discovered greater enemy than the Horde which was the Burning Legion. He began to propose to be friends with the Horde and defend the planet itself together. Of course most of the Alliance members were against this idea. He tried a lot to change people's mind but when that failed, he exiled himself from the Alliance before the events of Burning Crusade. When the dark portal opened marking the beginning of the Burning Crusade Agriann ventured inside to find a demon hunter to be his mentor. During the events of Burning Crusade and up until now Agriann showed great neutrality between both factions at the same time battling his way through against common foes of both the Horde, and the Alliance. His past will now begin to haunt him once again thanks to Wrathion's presence in Pandaria who shares the same ideals as Agriann. Wrathion wants Agriann to return to his people as he will not be able to defeat Wrathion's coming prophecies alone. In addition Agriann is close gaining new power becoming like Illidan Stormrage half demon.

((Note = Of course my character will be balanced in power. He will never be God-like.))
((Here is some additional info on demon hunters http://www.wowpedia.org/Demon_hunter))
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Upon initial inspection, this figure appears to be of normal height, roughly six foot. His posture appears to be well-executed and practically perfect, whether sitting or standing.
Close introspection does not reveal much behind the hood and guise he normally adorns; expressionless and devoid of many aspects. Not an inch of his body appears to be visible
in such a state, covered from head to toe in melanoid, atramentous leather that seems to be rather tight upon his figure. The armor he wears seems to be completely charcoal
black, save for various shades and chromas of grey and lavender here and there.

The most noticeable feature would likely be the two amethyst gems that seem carved into his ghastly and achromatic face-mask; at a close proximity, they seem to reveal a shred of luminescence, albeit faint. Although, under the canopy of the black silk from his hood that drapes over his forehead, the dark ambiance usually provided only amplifies the aspect more-so. The two lilac sockets appear to swirl with life and vivacity, animated in their own respect that breaks the unmoving, stoic appearance of his guise.

Accompanied with such, the nebulous existence wears a completely black, silken hood that transcends from the nape of his neck, up and over his head, and comes to an end
at a widow’s peak at his forehead. The protection of the canopy drapes over his face with relative ease when the man’s head is declined, facing the ground at times to avoid confrontation and eye-contact every now and again in various situations, should the need arise.

Atop the tenebrous existence's shoulders perch two leather pauldrons, shreds of faint violet to break the sleek aphoticness they naturally have. From what it would appear, a faint black mist appears to roll off the back of the pauldrons in a glossy motion, however dissipating shortly thereafter creation. From what one could assume, it is an aspect of the figure that likely serves no purpose, beyond aesthetics. The caliginous fog rises towards the Death's Head, and evaporates with ease, the cycle repeating; it is likely enchantment if anything.

Per usual, the adumbral personage conveys to keep to himself, although appearing collected, cool, and reserved for the most part. Paired with his correct posture, it amplifies into an overall gentle-person like demeanor. Although reserved by initial impression, he may be seen speaking with a variety of people, or at least those whom approach him.

As of recent, the hooded and capistrate entity may be seen carrying around a small, outlandish avian within his grasp. Typically, the small, chromatic songbird is cradled within a luxurious silken fabric, the color varying on any given day, only adding and amplifying the various colorful patterns the small bird adorns. Although beautiful and cunning in its own right, the small fowl seems to have a small splint at its side, likely holding its wing in place due to a recent injury. Nonetheless, the bird does not appear hesitant to poke its head out to view any given surrounding, and possibly a whistle or two, breaking the silentious bearing the masked figure keeps about himself. In the cradle the rogue gives, it appears protective, caring, and very gentle of the creature, mutual in the respect and attention the songbird offers in return.

Not often, the man may be seen with his hood pooled at his nape, and his face-mask removed. However infrequent to see such a sight, the individual has short black hair; it is layered and flattened, likely due to extensive usage of his normal head-wear. His skin tone appears pale, although not ghastly and sickly pale, appearing to receive a fair amount of sunlight every now and again; it is not tan by any means whatsoever. Behind two amethyst, lilac apertures behold two authentic and apricot/bittersweet eyes, appearing calmed and relaxed. For wearing a guise and a hood often, he evidently takes care in hygiene and personal appearance, his facial hair remaining trimmed, and his face washed and clean. It is absolutely devoid of any scarring or the sort, likely not seeing 'direct' combat often at all. He is not beautiful, no, not majestic and elegant, but rather simply plain and average, nothing more nor less.

When comfortable, the same man may appear to be something different, in adverse to his normal appearance. At roughly seven and a half feet in height, his stature is by all means not muscular and bulky like normal worgen, but rather simply toned like his opposite form. In such an anatomy, Lucivus typically wears a small patch around his eye that orbits his head. The position of it seems to follow a pattern: left eye throughout daytime, and right eye throughout dusk. Carrying over, his face appears completely null of scars and what not, although the small amount of fur that covers his visage would likely cover such in any case.

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79 Human Death Knight
Name: Geldanen Austic
Race: Human
Birthplace: Darrowmere Forest
Currently Lives In: Stormwind City
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 34

Geldanen's black hair is tied into a ponytail that lies on his back between his shoulderblades. Upon his chin is a thick goatee followed by a mustache. There's nothing all that abnormal about Geldanen, aside from the fact that any skin you can see on his body is nearly covered in dark purple tattoos that mainly consist of gang symbols and things he's seen through his years.

((Sorry this is so short felt kind of rushed to post it once I noticed I forgot to a while ago.))
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The fur that may be seen as exposed areas of his body is a shade of brown, pierced by two orangish red eyes, or rather one usually due to the patch he wears. His pair of apertures appear devoid of a pupil exactly, but seem to have a faint white iris, although the color inside appears to collide and move about with life and animation. Protruding from his jaw are simple, slender canine teeth that are seen at all times in such a form; they are sharp, however not obsessively sharp nor dull in any manner. From the back of his head extends a 'mane' of sorts, ending at his upper vertebrae in a slick panache; the color of it appears to be a similar shade of his fur, although a tad darker. The dusky figure's appendages hold host to small, yet slender and elongated ebony claws, similar to the nails that protrude from his feet. They are not long by any means, but still provide ample use should the need arise; his hands may still curl into a natural fist, the claws unobstructing whatsoever.

In such a state of being, his normally perfect posture now wanes slightly and seems to have a deformity, although very slight in appearance: a hunch forward, although to a minuscule margin. Nevertheless, it does not wane in the larger height he appears to take on. The Gilnean individual's voice sounds to be a few octaves lower than normal pitch, and hoarse to a bated extent if anything. In digression, his words roll smoothly from his tongue like glass, unaffected and indifferent from his human-like anatomy.


(( It is kindly asked that you do -not- take upon automatic assumption that this individual is of worgen nature. It is practically impossible to tell, although like anything, there are no absolutes and some areas to poke at. But just for the sake of courtesy, I do ask that you shoot me a whisper beforehand to explain before actually making an IC conclusion and acting upon it; I do hope you understand. ))


(( As for forum readers, I apologize for the double post that is not consecutive; the initial was a predated description, which has been redone, as I earlier noted. Again, apologies if it provided difficulty to read because of such an issue! ))
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90 Draenei Paladin
((Not eligible for CRZ with you guys, but these are some good looking MRP's! *supports))
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90 Night Elf Druid
Aaaaaar altbump.

Lynet Bearwalker

A green haired female night elf of average size wearing a vest and suspenders over a sleeveless shirt, fingerless gloves, and a hat that almost completely covers her eyes.

She seems to have a cigar hanging from her mouth almost constantly and is usually seen cracking a slight grin.
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