With the upcoming Darkmoon Faire I am looking to create a deck...or two. That being said below I will be listing all the cards I need and have extras of. If you have a card I need look at the list of my extra cards then contact me in game telling me what you have and what you want, and we can trade.

This list will be updated several times a day to ensure it is as up to date as possible.

Oxen - Ace(x2) - Three(x1) - Four(x2)
Cranes - Three(x4) - Five(x4) - Six(x3)
Serpents - Six(x1) - Eight(x4)
Tigers - Two(x4) - Five(x1) - Six(x4)

Oxen - Five(x4) - Six(x1) - Seven(x4)
Cranes - Seven(x1) - Eight(x4)
Serpents - Two(x1) - Three(x2) - Four(x1) - Five(x1) - Seven(x1)
Tigers - Ace(x1) - Seven(x1) - Eight(x1)

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