Cross Faction Rp...Ideas To improve it?

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I've only been playing for a couple of years now and fleas poop more than what I know about WoW but that doesn't keep me from pondering a few things and by few, I mean many. I'm a novice to rp'ing as well but thoroughly interested in it, particularly cross-faction rp. Is it me or is it an extremely laborious undertaking? It's almost impossible to rp with a horde character when you can't even communicate with them effectively.

Stop. Drop. Roll. I understand the sacred cow that is the separation between horde and alliance and I'm not suggesting it be done away with but I do think that it would be nice if there was a way to rp without using realid or skype, both of which seem to be a little Deus ex machina to me. Something more in game would be nice, I mean after all this time surely someone has picked up a language or two which brings me to some ideas:

Make a new secondary profession: Languages. This would be the ability to learn various languages and allow one to communicate with targeted characters. Make it difficult to learn, open only to say those with the Explorer or Ambassador titles.

Epic Archeology Fragment: Translator. Allows the owner to use it to translate one particular language for 5 minutes? Again on a targeted player. Put it on a 24 hour cd like minor Inscriptions. Make archeologists like me grind ever longer for them! Let others hire us for our service.

EMOTES: Let my emotes go! Let us emote something that reads other than our making rude gestures.

Not sure if any of these are even plausible without breaking the wall between alliance and horde, I was just wondering what your thoughts on the subject might be? Skype and realId are a means to an end I know, but you might not always want someone you don't know to know you and vice versa. They may make cross faction Rp easier for "Me" but not for my "character" and that's what I'm suggesting.

Hope everyone is having an awesome new year and looking forward to hearing your ideas!
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It's doable with two accounts and something like myrp.
Set your opposite faction alt's name to your toon's name. Go to town. (Immersion bonus if the char can stealth.) All other users with that addon will see things coming with the set name on it instead of the actual char name.
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