Stop LFR and join Debbies Cookies.

90 Draenei Shaman
Do you want the 476ilvl, the 489ilvl, even the 502ilvl gear? While playing with people you actually like, on a consistent basis? Without doing LFR?

I think LFR takes away from the process of looking for a guild that does 10 or 25 mans. Stop LFR and join a guild, it's re-killing this dead server. Thats just one man's opinion, but a legitimate one if you think about it.

Debbies Cookies was alive in cata. In our time, we cleared raids including heroic bosses in BoT & BWD.
In light of this post, I'm extending a possible invitation to those who want to stop LFR, and join a guild that will raid. Specific raid times have not yet been set up; there is no set day, there is no set time. However, we will do at least 2 nights a week, and at least 2 hours on those nights. Once our core team is complete we will come to a consensus fit for those smart enough to take this opportunity.

Personally I got back into the game 1 week ago on the 21st. So how can we clear places like MV, HoF, ToES if some of us will barely be high enough ilvl? It doesn't take super gear, you don't have to fit some other guild's "requirements." What it takes is a team that has read up on the fight, isn't lacking more than basic skills, gear that is at least good enough to be in the raid, and officers who can lead the team and keep them calm under pressure and after.

Right now we need 1 tank (pally/druid/dk), 2 healers(priest/monk/pally), and 4 dps (lock/hunter/rogue/monk)

This is an open invitation to a player who wants to join in on progression. Shoot me a pst in game on this character, or a mail.


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your guild name sounds extremely sexual
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