(H) Guild trying to lvl will pay up to 890g


Lets face it just like the president who won because he offers free crap, No one wants to join a guild that is not 25 and offers free perks.

Guardians of the Horde is looking to level up quickly before we start to concentrate on building 3 core raiding groups. Our raiding groups will run on Sat / Mon / Wed, They will all 3 have different start times so everyone can be a part of the action. And if we get serious enough we can even have a fourth for Friday.

My goals in order are:

1 - Level Guild to 25
2 - sort threw guild and find the team players who are all about progressing, Friendly and just like to have fun playing the game
3 - Start setting up raid cores
4 - Progressing to end game

Now 2 to 4 are pretty much the easy parts, I understand there are people with different schedules and would like to have a guild that can help everyone. So since 1 is the only hard part, this leads me to wonder how to get people to join a guild that isnt already set to benifit them?

So my solution is to buy my way to 25, My hunter has 249k gold and i am willing to spend 200k to get the guild to 25 considering once the guild hits level 5 and we start doing guild challenges it might actually pay for its self.

I offer 10 gold per level you gain in our guild. So if you are level 1 and go al the way to 90, I will pay you 900 gold. If later you decide you want out i will pay you for levels gained and you can leave. However to avoid low levels from taking advantage of this there is a 10 level Min. So if you gain 2 levels and want to leave that is fine but you leave empty handed.

To avoid trust issues i prefer to pay once your maxed or ready to leave but i understand people have trust issues so if you are one who thinks the whole world is out to get you i will pay every 10 levels if need be, I prefer paying once because every 10 levels for 20 people will be a pain.

19 out of 20 Slots Open - I will update this so people dont waste there time.

If interested i will be either on these chars

Quickshooter / Apocalyptic / Psicosis

If i am not on Just look up guilds Guardians Of The Horde and request joining.

There will never be a app to join our guild as i am a sole believer that this is just a game and not a job. However once we get to 25 raiding will have priority. So due to guild limit restrictions these types of players will have priority
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That's not much gold at all. I paid members to help me level up both my bank guilds. Paying out 100g per million guild activity (roughly 17 quests). Even that wasn't incentive enough for most people.

Your best bet is to recruit low levels and cater to their needs (make them happy).
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Just get one of those super annoying guild invite spamming addons.

I used Super Guild Invite to get from 13-25 without much work really, people leveling from 1-30 give a huge amount of experience to the guild just by doing the starting quests.
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