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90 Orc Warrior
Hello everyone! My name is Yaron. I have been playing Warcraft since the release of WOTLK. The majority of my friends quit playing recently, so I have decided to migrate to Zangarmarsh in hopes of finding green pastures, a friendly community, and making new friends.

I am a very open-minded player, I like having fun, making new friends, doing old content runs, raiding, achievements, excessive amounts of mob grinding.. all of the good stuff that makes this game a fantastic experience! I absolutely love to help everyone out (I'm kind of a carebear irl and in-game). Ideally, I wish to play with others that have a similar mindset to me.

I'm looking for a new guild to be my permanent residence, preferably one that is both active in guild chat and outside of the game (whether it be Mumble, Ventrilo, a website, etc.). I am a PVE player by nature, but I do also like to dabble in PVP. I'm not necessarily looking for a raiding guild (although, if the schedule pans out in my favour, this would be ideal later on once I reach level cap).

- I work the occasional weekend (typically not during the winter)
- I'm still enrolled in school, and with graduation coming up, my grades are of utmost importance to me. If coursework were ever to interfere with raiding / guild activities, I would provide notice in advance, as well as help look for a replacement for me.
- I take 3-4 weeks off from playing at scattered intervals throughout the year. One is typically during the winter, one somewhere between March and April, and one during the summer. I will always provide notice of being away, and try to keep in contact with the guild while I'm gone (these are usually trips to visit distant friends and relatives).

I haven't reached level cap yet (should be coming up shortly, probably next weekish), but if your guild plans on building a raid team in the upcoming future, my preferred raid times are 7-10 PM server, and I'm really available every day of the week, although Friday and Saturday are partial to me.

A quick debriefing of my previous raid experience:
T7 / T7.5: fully complete, including Malygos speed kill + OS 3D, some top 200 WOL parses were held
T8 / T8.5: fully complete on regular, including multiple hard modes and meta drake achievements
T9: fully complete on regular, with some progress in TOGC
T10: fully complete on regular, most completed on hard mode, all meta drake achievements were fulfilled, some top 200 WOL parses were held
T11: fully complete on regular, some top 200 WOL parses were held
T12: fully complete on regular
T13: fully complete on regular, 7/8 hard modes complete, multiple meta drake achievements fulfilled

I'm not a bleeding-edge, hard mode oriented player. I like to have fun while raiding, I laugh at our silly mistakes, and I think that the best boss kills are those that come while still maintaining an aura of jocularity. At the same time, I will fight for my raid spot, be punctual, and help provide suggestions to slay those nasty dragons.

I apologize for the wall of text, but I am very new to the Zangarmarsh server, and I feel as though it's very important for the guild to know a bit about me prior to slinging me an invite. If you genuinely feel as though your guild would be a good fit for me, please feel free to post in this thread, or contact me in-game (battle tag is Yaron#1364, if that's your cup of tea). Thanks for reading through all of this, and happy hunting!

(for some reason, my profile is displaying me as being in a guild, but I most definitely am not >_>)
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90 Orc Warrior
Found my new home! Thanks a lot to everyone who read my topic, as well as those who contacted me in-game. Take care!
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90 Undead Priest
Welcome to the guild Avenger :)
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