Sword of Azeroth is both a social and raiding guild established in January 2007. We´ve successfully found a balance of maintaining a casual fun atmosphere of online friends while enjoying a pressure free approach to raiding. We are a group of adults who enjoy banter in good fun but have zero tolerance for drama!

We're a strong guild, that I think sets the bar pretty high for our expectations of each other what we want out of the game. We have fun, and as a social network, we're as good as any out there.

What we ultimately all want is us to keep raiding 25, keep making progression and above all having fun but we’d like to do that by making the SoA family a bit bigger.

Raids are Mon-Wed, 9pm-12am EST Server time
Spots are available right now for the right candidates, and also accepting casual level 85+ players.

Interested?? Contact In-Game chat or In-Game Mail: Lilmiss

Happy Holidays!