I am selling a Pre-Made Tailor Leveling Kit. This has all the cloth needed to go from 1 to 600. You will also get a 3 Tab Guild with it (because this was the only way I could store all this cloth). The only item I can not provide is a Spirit of Harmony due to it being BoP. At lvl 575 you will need 1 Spirit of Harmony to buy a recipie, but I do provide the cloth to make what ever recipie you buy.

Will sell for 45k. If price is near 45k and you want to negotiate, that is also a possibility. In Game mail or whisper this toon or Gordamo (my bank alt who is storing the cloth for now).

P.S. I am HORDE (FOR THE HORDE!!!!) Alliance are more then welcome to purchase but it is your responsibility to make a Horde toon and get the cloth back to your faction