Happy New Year!!

90 Night Elf Warrior
Ok this is abit late but I just got in & I'm waiting for the alcohol to kick in & let me sleep. Happy New Years to everyone who is not on my "Special place reserved in hell" list. Hopefully 2013 goes better for Gorefiend.... or better yet Blizzard gets off there collective lazy butt & merges us with another realm. Either way it should be alot of fun. For the Alliance....

To Dawn Breaker, Riot & The Misery (who I'm throwing on this list for the sheer balls of challenging Riot for " 25 man raiding alliance side" title). I wish you guys the best of luck in downing heroic content & look forward to saying congrats to the wrong guild & getting 15 whispers from the other two guilds to correct my mistakes (Yes that happened twice in 2012).

To Illegitimiti (spelled wrong probably) I hope you guys get alittle more spotlight. There are some good leaders in your guild I've talked with & frankly it's a shame you've had to Pug raiding spots of late (not that I'm complaining since I was one of them & got valuable experience on the first HoF boss).

To Avengers-- Here's hoping you find the raid stability you've been searching for. You got alot of good pieces raid wise & I honestly believe once they start being there consistently you'll be good.

To Renew-- I didn't know you existed 6 weeks ago (honestly). You just began raiding & trusted me enough being in another guild to help you get a good start. Your core are very fast learners & once I'm off doing my own thing... I have little doubt you'll find an annoying talkative raid leader that will replace me just fine :).

To BFFC--- I hope you guys have a peaceful year that you could only have achieved by kicking out a majority of the trolls. Who needs the bad press anyways eh?

To Late Night ---- .......Try to stay outta too much trouble? Seriously what the heck am I susposed to say here? The guild is run by Edninjutsu & Jaliya for god sakes!!! Okay thought of one thing.... keep kicking arena butt.

Azeroths Resistance--- I'm wishing you guys a drama free year. 2012 was a trainwreck for you guys honestly (I know I was there for almost all of it). Every good thing that happened seemed to have 3 bad things working against it. Some of it was member based, a majority of it was officer based & there was alot of very stupid jealously involved (who can forget the Raid A fiasco, the Mizz & Spera pissing contest that messed up two raids, the super raid created because one group failed & couldn't let the other group keep going). Take away all the drama, don't discriminate members for leadership in raids, & AR can be decent again. Good luck guys!! (I'm personally proud of myself on this... went thru the whole thing without mentioning my own personal AR misery...which is well documented itself already.)

Purple Lotus--- I'm hoping to build this into a good guild this year & the hope is to begin raiding over the next few weeks. Got a great start.... 127 members across 70+ people in just over 40 days. Here's hoping to a better future.

To all the guilds I missed I'm sorry. Frankly this is a behemoth post & I am definitely going to bed right now. Still hopefully this year is a good year for most of ya. Happy New Years folks.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
happy birthday vetwar
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90 Night Elf Warrior
I'm scared... my actual birthday is in 6 days. STALKER!!!! lol thanks.
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