Looking for a raiding guild.

90 Draenei Shaman
Hi there! As stated above, I'm looking for a good raiding guild. I plan on leveling this toon as Ele and keeping a Resto OS, and am looking for a raiding guild in need of an Elemental Shaman. Raid times aren't a problem for me (as long as they aren't extremely late night), and I'd be more then happy to share my raid experiance and such in game. Not planning on faction changing right now. Thanks!
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90 Human Death Knight
Archaic is a casual raiding guild who raids 3 nights a week but we do take those raid nights seriously. A good place for casual raiders and thier friends and family.

No drama or players flexing thier e-peen here.

We do 25-Man content, and most importantly, have fun doing it. However we are currently running two 10 mans in MSV.

Our raid times are from 7pm to 10:30-11:00pm Server Time on Tues, Wed, and Thurs.

We are looking for a few more raiders to round off our second 10 man Raids.

Currently recruiting, Shaman (either spec) (1), Priest healer(1), Druid Healer(1),Prot Warrior, BW Monk, with DPS offspecs.

Assorted ranged DPS are also needed (No more Hunters please).

Please contact Selnea, Anso or Liuv in game for further questions.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Hello, we are looking for some you just like you. We are an all adult guild raid Sunday-Tues 8-11. If you are intrested in our guild please let me know. You can check us out at www.livguild.enjin.com.
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90 Goblin Death Knight
<Awakened Legends> 10 man progression group on US-Trollbane Server is looking for recruits for our core group. We started at the beginning of Cata and have been top 10 in the server since the start. We are looking for consistent players that know there class and come to raid for fun and to compete. We are looking for decently geared players. Whether you have downed the content or not, if you have a good raiding past and are able to compete with raid heals, dps, or tanking we will take you. You will be taken on a trial basis and if you do well you will raid with us.

Current Progression:
6/6 MsV Normal
6/6 HoF Normal
4/4 ToES Normal

What to expect from us:
We offer a relaxing raid environment while still downing bosses. We strive to be competitive. We offer enchants, flasks, and food for main characters that raid for us. We have knowledgeable guild/raid leaders to stay current with strats. All players offer friendly advice and are ready to help wherever possible.

We are an active guild and run all aspects of the game that would include: Heroics, LFR, Challenge modes, and some players actively participate in RBGS.

What we except from you:
As stated above we are looking for players that are consistently showing up for raid (90+% raid attendance), know your class at every PVE aspect, be respectful to others, and come to have fun. We are looking for players with at least an Ilvl of 475.

Raid Times for Core Group:
Friday: 9p-12a
Saturday: 9p-12a
Sunday: 9p-12a

Current Core group recruitment need:
1 RDPS (Mage, Shaman, or Boomkin)
1 Healer (Pally, Shaman, or Druid)
1 Tank (Pally or Warrior)

Any questions contact me Konstable #1814
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90 Orc Warrior
The Disturbed is recruiting.

8-11pm EST


We are progression minded group, looking to clear normal content and push into heroic modes.
We are looking for people that are able to learn from there mistakes, not repeat them and be able to push there class/role to the max. You must be able to take criticism and put the raid over your own personnel performance.

We provide feasts, repairs and enchants.

16/16 Normal // 2/16 Heroic

Looking for

We are looking for players who enjoy raiding as a whole, whether it's wipes, collecting the loot or eating buff food multiple times in a night. We expect our members to try to reach their full potential, review the fights, know the boss abilities and for sanity's sake, watch where they are standing.


1 Healer (Shaman/Pali/Resto Druid)
1 dps (Rogue, DK or any Shaman)


Contact an officer in-game.

Website: thedisturbed.net
Officers: Dakken (realID: Dakken#1412)/Angiee/Kiddiepryde (kittiepryde#1166)
Edited by Dakken on 2/24/2013 5:45 PM PST
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