Current Progression: Raid 1: 15/16N, Raid 2: 5/16N


KO is seeking to add more diversity to our two current raids and establish additional, autonomous raids. If you are looking for a progression raid with fun, intelligent players in a casual-hardcore environment, this might be the place for you.

  • Lvl 25 Alliance progression guild on the Azgalor (US) server
  • Created especially for adults, casual hardcore players, and players that appreciate their fellow raiders
  • Raids that are focused and productive - while having fun
  • We do not tolerate drama, obnoxious elitism, or other types of B.S.
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    A majority of our raiders have been associated with end-game progression raiding since WoW's inception. We are players that love to have fun, harass each other, and enjoy the game. We are comprised of diverse personalities that enjoy each other's company, the culture we've created, and being able to progress without feeling like raiding is a second job. Experience a progression raid and/or knowledgeable guild of players without the elitism, drama, and cliques typical of large progression guilds.

    We are serious about raiding, and expect our raiders to show up on time, do the proper research for gear, specs, and boss encounters, and give 100 percent.

    Comms: We use Mumble for in-game communication. We believe that creating relationships is a critical part of building a strong guild, and many of us can be found here outside of raiding.

    Raid times:
    Main Raid is 7-11pm Central on Wed & Sun. Current Progression is 6/6 MV and 6/6 HoF.
    Second Raid is 8-11pm Central on Thurs and Mon. Current Progression is 4/6 MV.
    Additional raid times and options to be determined.

    Recruitment: Any exceptional players should apply regardless of role or class. We are also looking for several pro players who may not be able to commit to a weekly raid schedule, but can be available to fill in on occasion when needed.

    Process: If you are approved to join KO, you will be considered for new raids we are forming. If there is a spot open in an existing raid, we will "trial" players we are considering with an initial raid event to see how they perform and fit our culture before offering the official raid position. We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you.

    Benefits: All raiders can enjoy access to guild bank, guild repairs, raiding materials, crafting materials, and raid boe's as available. (Conditional upon having an Authenticator attached to your account. No exceptions.)

    Guild contacts: Ganrokh (, Raistlinn (
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