Clearly the pool of available raiders on this server is approaching zero, but here goes...

We are in immediate need of a Mistweaver with a Brewmaster offspec. We would also consider a restro druid with a guardian offspec. A less pressing need that we would still like to fill is another ranged dps. We would look at any ranged dps apps, except hunters or spriests.

We are a pretty tight knit group. Many of us are real life friends or long term in game friends. We are a bit older with most of us being in that 30-45 year old range, so keep that in mind if you are looking for a lolfest you aren't going to find that here. There's nothing wrong with being younger or older if you think that is the social environment you'd like to be a part of. I believe 5 of us have raided in top 10-50 world guilds, so we are inclined to take our raiding more seriously than typical QD fashion.

Admittedly we've had a pretty rough start to MoP judged by our own standards and most of that has come down to losing our healing core to real life obligations. If you are interested in seeing if you could fill out our roster, catch me in game on Keshlana or Stormoon.

Thanks for your time.