Blizzard, server pop is TOO LOW!

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Dear Blizzard,

Please take consideration into fusing our server with other low pop servers or allowing us free realm transfers to a higher pop and scrap this server entirely. It is nearly impossible to find a group for anything, I can rarely find the glyphs I need on the AH or gems, and I can rarely find anything I need from other professions period which is frustrating. I shouldn't be expected to level a new character to 90 just to get one glyph I need. I'm not the only person on this server that feels this way either.

Every time I'm looking for a group there's always someone complaining about how Nazjatar server pop is just WAY TOO LOW! Which is very true. I've only been able to do Sha of Anger once because there's only about 40 people total who even attempt it on our server. I'm not a hardcore player so I can't join a hardcore guild to do this (I doubt Nazjatar even has a hardore guild.. 1 at most) but it is something that is pugable and I know other servers with higher population can easily find a raid for it. Please do something about this we all pay money to have a playable server but it's just a waste of time if you can't do anything. I've been told several times that there should be a post about this and I decided to finally make one because of the frustration that has been building up. Please show your support for this if you feel my frustration as well.

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I agree too about this.
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I agree.
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I agree
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